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I giggle in delight everytime I see this photo, for our expressions are just... too perfect. Charlotte looks terrified and in despair (and she sat like that in a corset for a long time with me grabbing her arm at a weird angle, so - uncomfortable, too!) and Carmilla's hiss... well how would you describe it? LOL

Photo by Anna Fisher, taken at Anime USA 2009. The costumes are made by :iconbeautifully-twisted: and I respectively, for NYAF's Yume Cosplay contest. Character - Carmilla and Charlotte from Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust". We re-wore them at AUSA on Sunday and snuck off with three amazing photographers in tow to take pictures for a couple of hours. Why didn't we stick around during the con? We had a very hectic schedule all weekend. It takes three hours (down from four, ha!) to get me into Carmilla, and on a crowded Friday or Saturday it would have been tough to do private photoshoots.

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Beautiful! Some additional lighting would've made this shot perfect! :)
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kudos on the shoots. i applaud for taking the time and effort on doing this costumes.
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After D kicked her butt, she couldn't afford a castle so she went to a hotel.
The picture is awesome, but it's the combination of the picture WITH the title (Submit to me) that's probably gotten a few young men...Worked up, to be honest.
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:D ill submit to you any day!!!
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:ohnoes: Wow, just.... WOW...
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Both of these costumes looks very amazing! I can tell that the effort used to design these was very precise. I'm a fan of anime, but never seen this series... Now I'm honestly intrigued. :)
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this is the most amazing thing ever
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How did you not fall over from the weight of that... hair? Hat? You must have amazing balance and a neck strong as steel!

Gorgeous costumes. I like that the background is swanky enough to fit in.
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So scary but I like it!!
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The expressions are perfect, I must agree! ^^

(Happy Holidays. :) )
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This is truly an epic photo!
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Damn. That is QUITE the dress...looks great!
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Love the facial expressions and the gowns are beautiful!
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You guys look amazing! :D
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i will submit...i mean...*cough* Lovely work:D
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everything is just perfect! *__*
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This is ....a wet I dunno how to say how amazing the costume, the look the...everything!
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wow the costume is amazing love how the bottom of the dress looks like a pool of blood XD
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Looking at you... I'm actually kind of scared you're going to bite her for real
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