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Stake out - DC New 52 Batgirl

By yayacosplay
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I'm excited to share photos of the first costume I completed for 2014! I chose the New 52 Batgirl a few months ago as my next costume challenge because I love the design and Babs has been such a influential, Iconic character in the Batman Universe for decades. There have been so many incredible renditions of Batgirl in the past, but the re-design really resonated with me, because it is so modern and utilitarian, yet retains the classic Batgirl silhouette. I also thought the suit's details and armor would provide a neat craftsmanship challenge.

I started collecting materials months ago, but made the costume in 3 weeks starting over New Year's Eve weekend. It was a very fast build, especially with rubber materials that take 16+ hours to cure. Each test piece, each mold, each cast needed enough time to dry and cure, so I made the costume around the armor building, using the down time in between to sew. 

I want to write up a proper detailed construction note, when I release all the photos from the shoot and make a gallery for my website. For now here is a breakdown of materials:
-Armor made from plastic (chest piece & shoulders) and urethane rubber (abdomen)
-Undersuit made from a shiny and a matte stretch pleather.
-Cape made from matching black and gold pleather, with lead cape weights
-Gauntlets made with Worbla & foam, covered in the same gold pleather I made the gloves out of
-Boots used to be Thigh High boots, I altered them severely. A note about the high heels - yes I know they are not accurate. BUT I am so short and the costume is so padded out with the armor and pleathers that I need some help on the height front to pull off that look. :)
-Belt made from gold powdered urethane rubber

Costume made from scratch by Yaya Han
Armor designed by Yaya, made with guidance and help from Brian Boling.
Batgirl cowl kindly provided by the magical Reevzfx!!
More photos by Brian:www.flickr.com/photos/brianbol…
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DahriAlGhulHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!  Best Batgirl Cosplay ever!
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love love yaya....her batgirl is always one of the best on design, poses and photos
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bitsyartHobbyist Digital Artist
Perfection :) 

While I think some of your pictures are more model-like than "in-character", I think you nailed this one perfectly! Downright amazing :)
77TN's avatar
Awesome work
deadmoneymike's avatar
Simply awesome, Batgirl has always been my favorite. Your costumes are amazing!
SuperSaiyanBunny's avatar
SuperSaiyanBunnyHobbyist General Artist
This is so badass!!!
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
cool one! :)
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GoodWorks-FKAProfessional General Artist
What's with the shoulder pads? Is it 1982 and no one told me?
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another masterpiece!
MrDockEllis's avatar
Seriously Rocks!
And don't worry about the heels being accurate. Just a guess, but I think you've earned the right for "artistic license"
I gag when I hear "It's not realistic" when people refer to comic bodies or costumes. It's all fantasy, fiction etc . . . 
JamestheDrow's avatar
JamestheDrowHobbyist Digital Artist
i think what most people are referring to with that is that girls are automatically put in high heels and skimpy outfits and that is not "realistic " for any super hero,warrior, mage etc to do in a fight just to look stereotypical sexy(cause there too focus on you know living and protecting vital organ like there male counter parts get to do) 

in this case it is realistic and ok because like she said shes short so heels give her the extra boost to pull of the costume and look correctly
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Looks like it came right out of the comic book !!

Realy great !
IsisConstantine's avatar
You look amazing as Batgirl.
igarcia's avatar
igarciaHobbyist Photographer
I can see how the cape could become a nuisance.
GumdropPanda's avatar
GumdropPandaHobbyist General Artist
Wonderfully made costume! It looks authentic, as though it came out of a comic book. Butterfly Free avatar 
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decent costume, dumb poorly done photo
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
Fantastic work with the urethane - makes the suit look great!
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ArteDigitalSAStudent General Artist
epic job!!!!!
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Dragonf123Student Photographer
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Your costume work is second to none. But what really amazes me how well your personal appearance works so well for all the characters you have posed as. Despite being Asian you have looked perfect as White Queen, Scarlet Witch, etc.

As a total fanboy it is such a pleasure see you make these characters come to life.
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Sometimes Yaya is to glamourous. More super model then super hero. Not this time, this one is just FANTASTIC :0 !
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Alios-trancyStudent Artist
you are so awesome! thank you for making such wanderful cosplay. You inspired my fiends and i, an we started are own cosplay club because we want to be as amazing as you one day! thanks yaya!
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h4x3r101 is just jealous of your talent and beauty irrespective of race. He calls him/herself a photographer, what a joke, obviously does not know what beauty(and talent) is.
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absolutly awesome !!!!!
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