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Portrait of a Killer

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This is one of my favorite photos of Carmilla, taken by :iconthedreamerworld:

Simply by asking me to kneel down in front of a patch of reeds, Judy found an intense background for a portrait in midst a modern office building area. The lighting and colors in this shot are fantastic as well.

I really like how disturbing and not "pretty" I look in this shot. I thought that my makeup at NYAF, where this costume was debuted, was too "glamorous/pretty/sexy" and not "unappealing" enough. So for Anime USA, I went over the limit of what I personally find attractive in order to really sink into the villainous character of Carmilla.

Costume construction note on my site: [link]

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:) I'm not familiar with the character, but this looks really cool!
EpicNoob1337xD's avatar
Where is carmilla from
KilledCZ's avatar
Totaly awesome :)
Sweet-Affliction's avatar
that is one awesome carmilla! well done :D
Ookami-Yami's avatar
I love your Carmilla cosplay! It's one of my favorites out of your set of cosplays!

What kind of clear string did you use for your bodice of the Carmilla cosplay? I am creating a cosplay that has an opening just like this and I wanted to know what kind of clear string did you use to control the chest opening. :)
lilacscenteddream's avatar
The costume is amazing in itself, but the make-up is just amazing!
RAWR-keikz's avatar
this is such an excellent costume.
Brotherslaughter's avatar
Really impressive costume and make-up!
BLACKPLAGUE1348's avatar
Bloodlust was an awesome sequel. Amazing job!
frontierbrain's avatar
wow, i cannot even recognize you in this one!

very beasty cosplay here! ^^
DarkRaven17's avatar
This doesn't look like you at all but that's what makes it cool. They changed the shape of your face. I like the outfits you make there so creative and stunning. Your quite talented.
joyci-yoshi's avatar
wow!!! i really love your work!!!
Angel-Keimer's avatar
I only can say !!WOW!!
midorimonk's avatar
omg your eyes are so amazing in this pic !!
Hotarukun94's avatar
She is gorgeous. :3
3vatk0's avatar
EPIC !!!!!!!
NakamuraTenshi's avatar
ramlien's avatar
nice photo...
EuphorbiaCerifera's avatar
Very impressive Eyes! :) A make-up-tutorial would be great!
karhiio's avatar
yowzah!- you are def the queen of cos!
I absolutely admire your gift!
omega3456's avatar
ooooh, interesting picture... hmmmm :)
NaniWear's avatar
best carmilla i've seen, and i've seen a lot!
Acorncupcake's avatar
Beautiful work one of my favorite movies.
Cerberus165k's avatar
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