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Litchi Faye Ling Portrait

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My last cosplay of 2011! Litchi has been on my to do list since the first arcade game was imported to the USA at Planet Zero in Houston a few years ago!!! I was lucky enough to be in the area and was one of the first people to try my hands at it. Litchi's design and fighting style with the staff was instantly my favorite. I also really approve of girls in glasses. AND I love pandas, and she has one hanging on her head. It was love at first button push lol.

Character: Litchi Faye Ling
Costume made and modeled by Yaya (moi)
Photography by the talented Elysia of Fenyx Design :iconfenyxdesign:

You can see the panda and glasses pretty well in this portrait!
Costume construction on this Deviation:

You can see a video collage from Ikkicon with Riddle and me where Litchi is featured here: [link]

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Wow that's impressive cosplay I'm seeing here nice work. ;)
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Bullshit and you all know it.
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The bottom isn't even finished.
Sorry about that. I commented that a long time ago.Another Onion Icon 
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Ain't never gonna fall for that shit, NEVER! Smarty
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(wtf do I say now?!?!?)



PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'ze a unicorn  Unicorns Running 
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And I reply


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That is dead on! Love BlazBlue!!! XD
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oh une francophone! yay !
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HELLS YEAH LITCHI FEYLING!!! i love BLAZBLUE it is way cool you did this. she's deffinitely a fav character of mine, i was decent with her in the game, my prize hero was hakumen tho. AND I CAN SEE WHY BANG SHI SHI GAIMI IS SO IN LOVE WITH YOU
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You are so damn sexy!
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dunno the character but i love the eyes
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Those glasses, omg I love you in them!
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jamesgunner123's avatar this is a very cute cosplay....with just the right amount spice....=3
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very nice. I think you are looking great with glases.
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