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K/DA Evelynn - The Baddest

My newest costume is Evelynn from K/DA’s “The Baddest” song! I did a test run with the finished wig and I’m so obsessed with this look!
This is a selfie with a color filter, but I hope to have the full costume finished for a photoshoot in the next few days!

Wig styled by me using two base wigs from Arda ❤️
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@MPCKEY @cabbatino You embody all that DeviantArt has become over the years. It is difficult to visit DA anymore without having one's mind blown by images of Furries with huge genitalia and cartoon porn at it's finest. On the same level, your insightful comments are truly composed of much thought and consideration before you type them. I, for one, feel much more enlightened having read them. I look forward to hearing what your dazzling intellect conceives for us in future comments. And please, if you would be so kind... get vasectomies, both of you. The world thanks you in advance ...

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I always thought "art" was open to criticism. This is not art it's a woman with large breasts putting them on display. Thus my comment stands whether you like it or not.

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wow, quality is superb

Nice to see you back here.

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Their wigs are really fancy ^^

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TrulyWonderful new

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Excellent cosplay! Great addition to an amazing gallery...

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Really digging your claws, but especially your glasses

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You look fantastic and welcome back to D.A!

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Great cosplay, very impressive!

By the way, welcome back do D.A, it's been a while!

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Wow Yaya, your cosplay always looks so beautiful/awesome. You are greatly talented, and I love seeing what you make.

Keep on shining like a super star, and I look forward to seeing what fantastic costume you make next. :clap:

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Deliciously beautiful and amazing and awesome...

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Hi again. Good to see your new post & good costume!

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Reminds me of Massive Ego

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Your architecture is always impressive.

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