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In the throes of the Bloodlust

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Photo by Anna Fisher, taken at Anime USA 2009. The costume is made by me, for NYAF's Yume Cosplay contest. Character - Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust". I re-wore it at AUSA for sole photo purposes. My skit partner and I got dressed on the Sunday of the con and snuck off with three amazing photographers in tow to take pictures for a couple of hours. Why didn't we stick around during the con? I had a very hectic schedule all weekend, and so did Anna :iconbeautifully-twisted:, my Charlotte. It takes three hours (down from four, ha!) to get me into Carmilla, and on a crowded Friday or Saturday it would have been tough to do private photoshoots.

I love this shot by Anna, it sums up Carmilla's character at one glance. She will do anything to get a virgin's blood and preserve her youth!

Construction note on my site: [link]

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Carmilla is also of Castlevania. I have Castlevaina Judgement on the Wii.
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were you at the london cosplay ball on the stage reinacting a scene from vampire hunter D?
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I love your cosplay! And as an aspiring MUA, I have to say I am a HUGE fan of how you do your make-up (including your other characters)!! I tried to look for the construction notes in your site, but couldn't find it. How DID you keep the shape for the bodice? I plan to do a cosplay with keeping the body shape as my problem. Especially for the boobs area...
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Great! Carmilla!! very nice!
darkn2ght's avatar
wonderfully luxurious!!
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Love this pic!
demosthenes1blackops's avatar
christ, that's frightening
Sisters-Tamagochi's avatar
you best!!! amazing
Arashikazi's avatar
Beautiful shot - expression and mood are perfect
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I think this is one of your better ones. It makes more sense. You're a fit model and you have awesome costumes, but some characters tend to go better with what you look like than others.

PS How long did it take to do that hair?
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Yes!!!! Carmila! awesome
TwistedCynn's avatar
Your cosplays are absolutely brilliant!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
xXxDemonprincessxXx's avatar
Very beautiful. I love her facial expression!
scorpio-lee17's avatar
Did you know that if you go to google images and type in "carmilla vampire hunter D" this is the first picture that comes up? ^^ Very amazing job! <3
DragonScribble's avatar
This is beautiful ! I have been a fan of D ever since the original when I was a kid. I knew exactly what this was just by the thumbnail before reading it. Like all your costumes in your gallery they are detailed and show a lot of dedication and hard work, this is a great piece in your collection. very stunning. :wow:
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Amazing cosplay!!!!Simply perfect!
HyoeyuAkuma's avatar
I love this anime d-vampire hunter
RigelKentaurus's avatar
amazing work, that costume is out of this world
JokerHarley2345's avatar
You could totally kick Edward's ass from Twlight.
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