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Heartseeker Ashe III - League of Legends

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Character: Heartseeker Ashe from League of Legends
Costume made/modeled by Yaya Han
Photography by Martin Wong

To learn more about the construction of this costume, please visit its portfolio page here: Heartseeker Ashe

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This costume is beautiful, you always show a lot of imagination, and know how to appreciate the result
Congratulations it is also fun to be able to admire your masterpiece.Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar 
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Ok, I'm just going to come out and say it. I hope you are a very mean and nasty person, Yaya, because if you're nice, then you're in danger of throwing the whole balance of the universe out of whack with your beauty. *grin*
Seriously, stunning cosplay as always. You put so much detail and obvious effort into your outfits. Just amazing.

(Wasn't joking about the beautiful part though ;-) )
tewt wetewtew twetewt
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Ashe is one of my favorite champions, and I love this skin. You should try to recreate the splash art and have a Tryndamere cosplayer in the background :D
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Gotta watch out for them arrows.
Dunno.... in this outfit you looks like Nicki Minaj. But overall it's alright cosplay, lot's of detail.
shiranui1295's avatar
this is one of my fav cosplays from you~ I love your take on the design, so pretty 
boxinggirls12's avatar
Coming out with some pretty good cosplays Yaya. 😎
SilveredAngel's avatar
Ahhhgg... You looks so pretty... I probably won't look that good.
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