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Heartseeker Ashe II - League of Legends


Character: Heartseeker Ashe from League of Legends
Costume made by Yaya Han
Photography by SAAK Photography

You can see some progress of the costume here:
Heartseeker Ashe cosplay in progress by yayacosplay

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Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay - League of Legends by yayacosplay Heartseeker Ashe Portrait (Cosplay) by yayacosplay

To learn more about the construction of this costume, check out it’s portfolio page on my website! | My Online Store
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So beautiful and elegant!  You are a cosplay goddess.
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I saw the video with this cosplay. Amazing, as always!!
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Yaya can you be steam punk please for your next cosplay?
Very beautiful artwork 
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Really amazing
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Your costumes are amazing, and you beautiful :heart:
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I saw your costume in a cosplay magazine! I even saw you on Heroes of Cosplay! You were amazing!
OtakuDude83's avatar
You definitely hit the mark with this one!
MADstarter's avatar
You're looking as fabulous as always, Ms. Yaya! :wow: ;) Every cosplay of yours is a real winner, so I just can't stop admiring what a wonderful job you do! :D :)
Looks beautiful as always.
My7hicR4r3's avatar
Ashe used to be one of my main's on LOL. You did a wonderful job at replicating her Heartseeker skin. 
PumpkinChans's avatar
This is beautiful! Yaya your beautiful! The hard work you put in to everything is wonderful!
Jiynkxie's avatar
How beautiful. I love the patterns and the construction of the outfit. The layout is impeccable.
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