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September 7, 2010
The suggester said: "The photo and outfit of Fook Mi - Austin Powers by *yayacosplay are amazing! If i hadn't known better i could swear this was a photo shot from the Austin Powers set!"
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Fook Mi - Austin Powers

This is one of my older costumes but I still love it! I wore it last while visiting London, Uk and Brian did a photoshoot with me in Piccadilly Circus (Hello, real British phone booths and police box!)

Construction wise, I had sooo much fun with this one! Making the tie and skirt was interesting since I had no patterns to go with, but the most time-consuming (and expensive) part of this costume was gathering all of the accessories, finding a right sweater to alter (since knit blue fabric is impossible to find) and creating the wig. I spent a few weeks scouting shops and malls for British-themed accessories and silly jewelry and decided on a Hello Kitty theme as well to go with the trendy schoolgirl. The wig was sewn and cut according to ref. pictures, and I used human hair extensions that were dyed blue/red.
I really had no time to make the backpack the con I originally wore this to, so I bought a cute Hello Kitty bag and embellished the hell out of it. Since then I've grown too attached to my cute little pink bag so I just kept using it.

I wanna mention that I get more commission requests for this costume than ANY of my other outfits! Like, hundreds over the years. I did make another Fook Mi costume for a customer once, but these days I just don't have time to do full costume commissions anymore. I am sorry!
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KidoKoala's avatar
Nice legs in pink, frilled stockings and boots.
Super-Knuckles's avatar
I wanna Fook Yu ^^
nekochan1998's avatar
Such a cool costume!!!!! Amazing x
KCStudiosCA's avatar
I love what you did. You managed to pull off Fook Mi and Yu in one outfit. It's not often you see someone cosplay as a Austin Powers character, but when you do, they are very attractive and clever.
hi-its-meeee's avatar
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

These movies are too funny

GentleSpin's avatar
anyway you look like you could be a freaking model.
GentleSpin's avatar
I wouldn't doubt that anyone made anime artwork of Fook Mi and Fook Yu
MMDabstracts17's avatar
oh good lord. I remember this movie. she's got a twin named Fook Yu. Goldmember, was it? Nem Laughing 
TerramArmsXIII's avatar
holy hello....that just
AkiraTK120's avatar
JudgeChaos's avatar
:rofl: that's awesome! A character that was in the last movie for about 5 minutes, and you got her down look wise. :iconclapplz:
DarkKnight129's avatar
BlueberriFox's avatar
i love fook mi, sexy but when i look at it all i see is amazing detail SOO much different parts to it i love it
Halcyoncore's avatar
as a fan of the austin powers movie this is freaking awesome!
bleed--for--me's avatar
You know, this could just as easily be Fook Yu XD Twins Basil, TWIIINS
Chiichiichan94's avatar
OMG XD so awesome. I looove Austin Powers. Brilliant cosplay 
MabGabs's avatar
Oh god I love all three movies!
HelloKittysFriend's avatar
I would love to see your Hello Kitty bag.
zagoreni010's avatar
good lord, she is beautiful:), where is twin sister:)
BMania-Sketches's avatar
Lawl! Where's her twin, Fook Yu? X3
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