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Empyrean Eyes

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I have had this Peacock costume idea for a long time before I saved enough money to buy the feathers and materials to make it in the summer of 2007.

I kept my eye out for any fabrics that could work with this theme and ended up going on a hunt in the LA fabric district for a two-toned taffeta. what I found was gorgeous, green on one side and purple on the other. In various light the fabric changed in the shades of green, cyan, blue and purple, matching the color scheme of a peacock eye feather perfectly.
I took some time sketching out silhouettes and where I wanted to used the feathers as embellishments. I ended up deciding sewing a custom patterned corset, a cropped jacket with wide sleeves and upstanding collar, and a fitted mermaid skirt that flared out at the knee. The skirt has a peacock tail attached to it in the back, in the folded up resting position. I went to a Nature Center to chase and photograph real life peacocks to gain the proper reference for how the feathers lay on the birds.
I used multiple kinds of peacock feathers for this costume - several hundreds of peacock tail feathers with eyes for my tail and throughout the outfit; a number of tail swords for the beaded belt and jacket collar; and multiple yards worth of thickly overlayed peacock herl for the fanned collar of my jacket and sleeves. Each eye feather was fitted with a green Swarowski crystal before attached as embellishments to the costume itself. I debated for a while what head-accessory to create, from a retro hat to crown to feather fan, and ended up sewing a tiny hat from a made-up pattern and adding feathers to it. My wig was an old wig that I restyled and curled... I hope to do something better in the future.

The photos are taken by David Ng, and you can see the full costume gallery here: [link]

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Wow, a rather unique and elaborate costume. 
I still say this is your best creation...  >^_^<
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This is GORGEOUS! Just........damn! Amazing work. Bravo! 
ShiroiBara91's avatar
This costume looks fantastic! It is beautiful
Arschkrampenbruder's avatar
yeah... so freaking amazing O.O I LOVE it! 
Your costumes are so beautiful!

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your costumes are amazing!
FellowSagittarianTom's avatar
Oh wow, this is a gorgeous design.  :)
DeLiiReeUm's avatar
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Holy cow, I don't think I've ever seen a better use of Peacock feathers.
PunkPirate-art's avatar
loveeee the peacock theme!
InsaneSanity813's avatar
This is the most INCREDIBLE outfit I have ever seen anyone actually make in forEVER...
I am nearly speechless, it's so beautiful...
akamaru-stalker's avatar
wow you look wonderful in that dress. it probably wouldn't look that good on me.
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just majestuous.. *-*
The back is as awesome as the front
sabbat-circle's avatar
The level of detail you put into your designs is amazing.
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Even if this costume is beautiful, it makes me sad to know you used real feathers. Feathers and fur shouldn't be worn.
Vyrilien's avatar
I agree with you on fur, but peacock feathers should be okay. Feathers are naturally lost by birds when they molt in summer and you can simply pick them up and use them :)
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Wow! Very beautiful costume! I'm really impressed!
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The right side that shows the back of the dress is beautiful. It accentuates femininity and the fit is perfect.
DarkRaven17's avatar
Such a beautiful color and I just love this outfit. Well done.
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Your cosplays are great but your original designs are even better!
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