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A fantastic shot of my Chun Li costume by Darkain Multimedia!

CharacterL: Art Nouveau Chun Li cosplay (designed by :iconrazvan-sedekiah:),
Costume made and modeled by me
Photo by Darkain Multimedia

Costume thoughts: I absolutely loved the design by :iconrazvan-sedekiah: and thought it was a great stylish translation of an Iconic character. I created the full costume, using luxurious fabrics such as dupioni silk and silk taffeta. All the trims and swirls are embroidered on, free hand. I had a lot of fun making the charms, hair buns and spike wristlets. I read the spikes in the design artwork as ivory or marble instead of metal, and in keeping with the turn of the century art nouveau style, my spikes are an opalescent ivory color. Some people remarked that it looks like I'm not wearing underwear - well, I am wearing 3 pairs of tights so I am decent lol. Again, it's to follow the art design accurately.
I also cut up a pair of white pleather boots and embroidered the gold swirls on that. The charms and the boots might be my favorite part on this costume!

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/200 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 26, 2012, 12:12:57 PM
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What brand of tights are those?
onehitpoint's avatar
Beutiful cosplay 👌👌👌
TheHappyThrasher's avatar
Not going to fall for that again! I ain't taking another kikoshou to the dome.
TheAntsaBoy94's avatar
With pleasure, Chun Li.
Nuncio78's avatar
Crazy talent. Hollywood should have hired you when they did the movie rendition which was horrible. You're dead on the character. Thanks for sharing.
WeaponTheory's avatar
christopherbeadle's avatar
i dont know if this would be good but maybe asuna from Sword Art Online love that anime.
ibo007's avatar
It's beautiful! I love it!and you are also beautiful ;)
KazuhiroHayate's avatar
I need you to take Pics with my Car in this pleeeeeeeeease! Its a has Capcom Decals and Super Street Fighter IV Logo on the Hood!
BaneNascent's avatar
It's beautiful! I love it!
NicoMBalker's avatar
really cool but I think u should have look more agressive for this one... u look kinda smiling or neutral than focused on a fight and with a meaner look
ZoiKiKu96's avatar
Your figure is absoloutly gorgeous!!! :O and yours so pretty!!
DIS-Kanna-sama's avatar
I think that this is an awkward pose for her. The costume's great, but because of the pose she's in (or maybe the retouching, I'm not sure) her head looks out of place, like it was photoshopped onto the body. Also, her stance is almost too relaxed, too lazy, accented even more so by her looking off to the side. She looks more bored by posing than anything else.
Great job, can you even move in 3 pair of gloss tights ?
Mantharay123's avatar
I love your costume! Very well made and I love that you added you own style to it! ;D
Lior-Art's avatar
:iconloveredplz: :star: :star: :star:Featured Da-Creativity: Cosplay Highlights [link] :iconloveredplz: :star: :star: :star:
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Was this taken in San Jose?
Sarricakes's avatar
are your boobies real? :<
Google knows the answer, now gtfo.
CynderMizuki's avatar
Thats pretty rude
Sarricakes's avatar
It's totally not.. It's just a question, god..
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