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Catwoman - Batman: Arkham City

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This was the last photo we took at 3am, after 4 hours of photo shooting. I only realized the next day that this photo's posing resembled the official Arkham City promo artwork for Catwoman. Bryan did some post-processing to give the photo a similar treatment as the promo art and this is the result! I am so thrilled over this image! As a cosplayer, I enjoy the challenge of imitating a fantastical fictional character, and photographs like this reflects the hard work I put into the costume and my love for the character, as well as the photographer's finesse. I couldn't ask for more joy in Cosplay.

Character: Catwoman from Arkham City (video game)
Costume made by: Yaya
Model: Yaya
Photography: Bryan Humphrey

How I made this:
This costume was made in 50 hours, but only takes 5 minutes to put on lol. To match the hexagon fabric in the video game, I had the pattern designed by my friend Jinyo and printed up at Fabric On Demand. The secondary fabric is a rubber coated spandex.
Cathy of :icongstqfashions: saved me hours of work by graciously letting me base my bodysuit off of the pattern she had made already for this same costume for a customer. I had to redesign most pieces of the pattern to fit my bodyshape and height, but it was nice to not have to make a full mock-up from scratch, and with my tight work schedule, I appreciated every second of time saved.
I sewed the costume entirely myself, as usual, making sure to triple-stitch the seams (100+ of them) and also top stitch all of them. I also made the matching accessories such as gloves/hood/ears/sculpted metal bits/altered boots etc.
I re-used the goggles from my other Catwoman costume because I kind of hate the design of the Arkham City goggles, and I already made perfectly usable Catwoman goggles before. :)
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Jul 20, 2012, 2:09:21 AM
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Want to play Robin to your Catwoman, sneak up behind and kiss that arse. Might have to be told off afterwards, but worth it :D (Big Grin) 
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Hi, my name is Maria Walton. I have an author page (…) that I share art, cosplay and writing on. I would be honoured to, with your consent, share this image and credit it to you, along with a link to your DA account.
I like the new take on the cat-woman suit. The textures add more of a tactical feel and therefore a greater suspension of disbelief.
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Epic, also I feel like I've seen in like every cosplay video ever. Including beatdownboogie.
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Fantastic, great cosplay =D
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 The best of all Bryan Humphrey's Photographs. Love the way the metal on the gloves catches the light and the one touch of color in the goggles. That suit looks so good on you you really deserve your own TV series.
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A sexy no-so-bad girl in a dark and awesome setting. :toocool:  Good work! :clap:
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Hi there, I think your cosplay is really awesome. I work as a co-editor for Caped Crusades another site. It's a website dedicated to all things Batman and I would like to use your cosplay for our cosplay fo the week post. We would of course give you full credit for the costume in the post. My email is let me know if you're interested in letting us post your cosplay. If you are interested let me know what name you would like me to credit and any websites you would like me to link to.
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OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!!!! You look just like Catwoman!!! NICE JOB, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
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This is fantastic! The details really pay off!
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One of the most sexiest and one of my favorites cosplayers ever. I like her a lot, specially in Catwoman cosplay.
vivi-krystal-addams's avatar
You are really good! I will be watching you from now on if that's ok with you of course? XD
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Great Work.You have an art of photo in your little finger :-) Greetings from Slovakia : Peter Cachovan 
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whoa, sweet cosplay!!
Awesome Work.  
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Im So Horny Right Now..
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oh dear sweet zombie jesus!
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