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Carmilla on Stage

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EDIT: Here is the reference collage I compiled for Carmilla, for those not familiar with the character.

Photo by Anna Fisher, taken at New York Anime Fest 2009 during the Yume Cosplay Contest.

Costume made by me, for the skit "Carmilla's Bloodlust" (based on the anime "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) performed by Klytaemnestra and me.
You can see a video of the skit thanks to Chibiplum here:

I'll post construction notes and in progress photos soon, until then, you can read about how these costumes/this skit came to be on here:

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Eirik-the-Viking's avatar
Must've been fun trying to move in this dress?
MrsDorabka's avatar
My eyes die I love this cosplay!!!!!!!!!!!
ACEnBEAKY's avatar
Opera! Yeah. What a good idea. I think this wouldn't look too weird as an opera...
TallLady84's avatar
This is insanely beautiful. Excellent work!
yellowsmoke321's avatar
your costume construction is phenomenal !!
yellowsmoke321's avatar
I love the anime Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, great rendition of carmilla.
stevemacqwark's avatar
I saw a film called Lesbian Vampire Killers in which Carmilla has the same kind of hair (shape and colour). Maybe this is where the film makers got their idea from. A British Horror Comedy that draws influence from on an anime.
Notturna-x's avatar
Very beautifully done. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance that accompanied it also.

You look far better in that costume then the real character ;)
overlord-costume-art's avatar
these costumes are awsome. i have just set up a site for costumes of a profesional standard called(cospro)for people that take there costume that one stage further. cosplay is moving on, its with people like our selfs that are making new ground. guest appearances/media coverage/new levels of costume making and design etc. its new at the moment but I have just set the site up temprorily for the moment and in time will be making it into something more appropriate. I hope this will revolusionise the cosplay world taking it from a underground sub culture in to the main stream. A friend of yours made me aware of your costume and I think it represents the new name 'cospro'
WierdCat's avatar
How did you even gather the materials?
KiaMoon's avatar
13-Zer0's avatar
inspiring! the structure and detail of this dress is just lovely and the makeup gives it a really theatrical feeling

great work
doryishness's avatar
this is rather embarrassing question, but I have to know - how do you get your breasts/cleavage to stay like that? Either your bra is very well hidden or you're using another method?

This dress is GORGEOUS, I especially love the shoulder pads and sleeves.
R-P-Porter's avatar
i'm just wondering how heavy all of that is, and the length of the train? awesome as always!
Acorncupcake's avatar
I always wanted to see more of her story you did a wonderful job sweetie. :love:
strayangelxdemon's avatar
It was wonderful seeing and talking to you onstage from backstage! Your costume was beautiful! (I was Soah from Bride of the Water God)

I hope I become as good of a cosplayer as you someday!
landavia's avatar
make me remind of FF8
FanArtistik's avatar
Great version of Camilla, I think you do a good work in this one (like always) and make this looks really similar to the original.
ringwraith10's avatar
This is awesome. If I had the time to devote to a project this big, I would cosplay as Carmilla. Props for the effort you put into this!
ShinigamiDuoLover's avatar
You are some kind of genius!
phaira's avatar
no way.
if there was someone who was gonna make this real, it was you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you look gorgeous !! i love you!
Kagzchan's avatar
You are absolutely spectacular! The train just blows my mind and the sleeves... It's all just so fantastically done.
pockyfairy's avatar
effing amazing
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