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Carmilla + Charlotte on Stage

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EDIT: Here is the reference collage I compiled for Carmilla, for those not familiar with the character.

Photo by Anna Fisher, taken at New York Anime Fest 2009 during the Yume Cosplay Contest.

Costume made by me, for the skit "Carmillas Bloodlust" (based on the anime "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) performed by Klytaemnestra and me.
You can see a video of the skit thanks to Chibiplum here:

I'll post construction notes and in progress photos soon, until then, you can read about how these costumes/this skit came to be on here:

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thats awesome
fishgul69's avatar
great stage presence!!!! great costume!!!
SheAintAHoNoNo's avatar
fantastic work on the dress- makeup- costume- & everything al2gether- the photography iz beautiful 2--- ALL AROUND BEAUTIFUL- :love:
Hierognosis's avatar
Alright, I am gonna say it. How is that dress staying up on the boobs?
NewRavenHoshi's avatar
Double sided tape, my friend. Double sided tape.
Awateno's avatar
Whoooweeee... Talk about setting the bar high! I thought the pics were awesome, but to see it in
i love the expresion of the other girls face!
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KeitaroMiyo's avatar
Love it. Love D. Great job!
Dranight's avatar
That is absolutely amazing! I cant believe you made this!!! Its magnificent!
BlackRoxas's avatar
It too me a few seconds to wonder where it was from, but the second it hit me, it turned into one of those "You had to be there" reactions XD Outstanding work!!
CanadianStrawberry's avatar
Positively stunning!! Ive been waiting and waiting trying to think of something worthwhile to add because this cosplay is just so intense it deserves an epic comment XD; And yet, I fail lol >.< Regardless, superb! And congrats to you both :heart: Deffinitly well earned <3
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That's an IMPRESSIVE costume--the award was definitely well-earned! :)
I also couldn't help but notice what pretty white makeup you were wearing too. I'm considering doing a cosplay soon where I need to paint my entire face white, and I want to get makeup that will really turn my skin white, not just pale-er, and stuff that also won't rub/sweat off.
Any suggestiong?
P.S. Here's the picture of the cosplay I want to do. Suki from Avatar! :D
yayacosplay's avatar
Thank you so much! Try Ben Nye water or creme based white makeup. And look up tutorials on applying makeup smoothly, such as on google. Good luck with the costume and have fun!
chronocrusader5's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
I will! -^_______^-
caza909's avatar
Hey Yana :D
1st off this is amazing XD as usual and 2nd is this Carmilla from vamp D or is it Carmilla the Vampire Queen from Lesbian Vampire killers?

P.S i totally love your work xx
yayacosplay's avatar
Thank you so much, and my costume is from the movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust!
caza909's avatar
Hehe your welcome x
Ahh :D thanks for that xxx
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This photograph definitely shows the power of your character and the overpowering of the maiden. It really captures the emotion and presence of your team on stage that day. AWESOME PIC!
USSteele's avatar
Saw the YouTube video of this. Was really impressed with how the two of you choreographed your stage performance. :tighthug:
YakuraShima's avatar
Oh god, if I had only seen that play in person...<3333333333
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