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Love ....

I really can't believe that this photo has more than 1,300 favs. If there are people who like it please check my gallery I have more to offer. And i think my photos in the gallery are better :) So please if you have free time and you don't know where to spend it - check my gallery :)
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695x533px 359 KB
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1/15 second
Focal Length
55 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 27, 2008, 12:42:21 PM
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So original! 
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Oh my god, this is an excellent point of view!
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The stained look gives it a more pronounced statement
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how long have you been learning photography? 
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Your Work Has Been Featured :tribute:

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Why cant u believe it?..Its a nice shot but more than that the power is in the word...right? bravo
It too was a gamble when i took a chance on something she referred to as "LOVE". And it was wonderful.
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Awww~! Such a cute idea~! >V<
Hello! Do you mind if I use this photo for my youtube video? :) Please respond! :) Great photo btw, love it!
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That's clever :)
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Lackadaisy Love.
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i have never seen this before, Thank you for sharing with us.
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I love this. I really like how the cards are dirty, kind of like saying love is messy/dirty but worth it.
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A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty and
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a monkey and a priest walk into a bar i forget the rest your mothers a whore
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an asshole is probably more like it. but thanks darlin
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grow the f up with your teenage mutant ninja stupid chemical romance chain bs i broke it and i still have all my bitches giving me money but gosh i wish i had true love
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fuck youim 15 thankyouverymuch now u can go to hell
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oh well thats different heheheh im sorry. you have a potty mouth young lady... tsk tsk tsk... ok im sorry im 156 so im way old but i really hate these silly chains and your mothers probably a very nice woman it was a sean connery meme and i just thought it was funny... cant we all get along ? bye lil lady... i love that you yelled at me good for you... you got spirit go get em raaawwwrrrr heehehe
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that's just plain cool! *goes to check out your other photos* XD
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I love the colors and it's very clever. Reminds me of those games you used to play on your calculator. Beautifully done. :heart:
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