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DC vs Marvel - now with text

By yatz
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As I was working on this piece I kept coming up with scenarios and context etc - thought I'd share some of it.

EDIT JULY 16: Outline added
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Great work!  Thanks for sharing!  :D
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ArtbroJohnProfessional Digital Artist
Very well done!Clap 
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AdderfangTheRedWolfStudent Digital Artist
im dying xD
this is perfect
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SpiderFan1Hobbyist Artist
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True--in theory, the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man couldn't lay a fist (hammer, repulsors) on Supergirl, Power Girl and Mary Marvel, unless they caught them unawares.

Likewise, in theory those three DC super-heroines could literally spank even the Hulk and Thor, given the DC-to-Marvel power disparity--although Thor's hammer is magical, so if he could connect with it...
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none but Thor can lift his Hammer , and the hulk whats he doing? sleeping? ,. tony stark has been seduced ...we need Professior X and we need him fast
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ArteDigitalSAStudent General Artist
i would not mind to be hit by those ladies..........
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DracowhipProfessional Traditional Artist
Now thats a versus!
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hm... no.
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yatzHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, yes, YES!!!!

And, may I just add this: :evillaugh:
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Wicked hot pic. A magnificent job
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sexy as hell... i'm drooling
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pliniusHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonder Woman likes canned wieners, eh? :-) Magnificent drawing.
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I like your Wonder Woman ^^
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SkaramineHobbyist Traditional Artist
Barda looks great.
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Lol very funny one here
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Marvel guys... they were very outmatched.
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eegore959Hobbyist General Artist
OK, Yatz, this is just flat-out, farkin' funny. "Scott's buttocks were never this firm"?? Holy shiite!
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yatzHobbyist Digital Artist
It's alive!!! The man and the legend himself! Good to see you, buddy. Not least because you're one of the very few people who appreciate my so-called "sense of humor"...
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eegore959Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I'm sure I'm not the only one, Yatz. How could you have been able to collect your millions of rightly adoring fans without some of them being as twisted as yourself :evillaugh:?

I hope things are going well in your half of the globe. Sounds like they're keeping you busy.

And yeah, I've come back from the dead for the freakin' umpteenth time. DA seemed a decent medium for another shot.
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yatzHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, yeah - can't complain re busy-ness. Some money would have been nice, but I just spend it on trinkets, anyway, so - it's all good.

And DA is definitely the place to be - to be seen, but mostly to see. The amount of talent here is unbefreakinlivable - lots of femsuscle people, but if you step beyond the ghetto's wall your head will explode from sheer amazement.

OK, on second thought - don't go out just yet, or maybe just baby steps ;P

Right, enough idle chatter. I'm back from work, going over to your page now, see what you've been up to...
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