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The Grasshole show 1

Show 2: [link]


This comic wasn't made to offend anyone or the character involved, it's just a joke about the final results, because too much people in the internet has made countless rants about the new starters as "too ugly, uncreative and unoriginal". And it's also to show the current use of "smugleaf" (Grasshole) or Snivy (Tsutaja) as the new "troll face" due to his half closed eye and smirk, wich gives him a "smug" air.
So this was not made to offend anyone, the "offense" is like an "inside joke" between people who play pokemon, like me, so no hard feelings.

TL;DR: :iconsmugleafplz::iconsaysplz: LOL U MAD?

Will make this a series, so get ready to be offend--- amused by this Smugleaf stage comic act

Making fun of you with you!

Again, no offense intended, but hey, this is the internet, I'm ready for pointless ranting everyday =P
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I would clap for five years
AdamDeLand's avatar
Someone now needs to make an edit of this involving the recent controversy with Sword and Shield
ILoveChicago's avatar
Ooooooooohhhhhh Snivy Just cooked the audience.
Sammyrocksomuch2005's avatar
I love anima make snivy a anima girl ;)
Honorary-Clown's avatar
Yes snivy, i have heard the fuzz about you puffy 
fastrack101's avatar
Sorry Snivy but Oshawott kicks your butt
Morlord's avatar
I I'm sorry if I disappoint you get grass (well actually already: D xD) but for me is one of the best  5 gens ^^
MetroidPeter's avatar
I liked 5th gen, and I thought this was hilarious!
Nightcool's avatar
:iconlaughsplz: oh Snivy, you just predicted me when I first saw Pokémon Black and White.
RasenganLucario's avatar
I do believe Snivy just told everyone the sad truth.
The-Wind-Up-Doll's avatar
Shining-Aura's avatar
I know I'm VERY late in saying this but: THAT'S SO TRUE!!!!!!! XD
solarpikachu's avatar
Haha, I love it XD
Snivinerior's avatar
This is the truth, Snivy's just reminding us...
PumpkinPie012's avatar
i love the umad part
Digilover12's avatar
'You'll spend nights leveling us upand poke-hunting.' does he/she know what I'm doing at night?!
artnightfury12345678's avatar
Snivy is just better than everyone else and there pride is to big to admit it, even though they are lonely pathetic nerds they still think they have pride, when all along the lost it to there cousins along with there virginity.
artnightfury12345678's avatar
And, how can I be made with such a cute face
101DalmatiansWiki's avatar
Enough said Snivy, enough said.
CheisuPoochy's avatar
Why get dates when I can have Pokemon? XD I love 5th gen pokemon. If gen 1 wasn't the original, I bet a lot of people wouldn't like most of those pokemon anyways.
hollowjames's avatar
yea i know right
beside most of gen 1 pokemon (to me) are poison type and have generally bad stats. in short kinda annoying lol
Jiyuria's avatar
Snivy is actually a combination of a snake and a skink.



(Lizards with legs that look like snakes normally.)

Hence the hands. Everyone can stop throwing a fit now.
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