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Grass in tall

Hurr durr lame pun about tall grass

Ok, I'll stop the pokemon fanart for a time, but I wanted to draw something good. Remember when I said I was going to redraw that pic into a more realistic looking style?
I made a doodle and liked this one better, so I said myself "go for it"

Comments and critics are very much appreciated

What is this?! I dare bring a serious pic to my gallery? I MUST DIE!:iconcdiganonplz:
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My favorite Unova Pokemon ;3 <3 
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This fanart is used here (not by me) :…
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die die die die die
you are ded, im not sure if big suprise
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that's cute
i started with a snivy on White and I now have a Serperior. Its been a Servine for way to long
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You must die? Ok, i'll do it for you. :3
lol. :XD:

Snivy looks cute sleeping on Serperior's tail~ :3
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IT IS WONDERFUL. They all look fantastic! :D
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I love the shading :3
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No problem! I dig your style.
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Upon returning to dA, I waded through several hundred messages. But this, THIS is the submission I truly love! It's just so beautiful!!! The shading, colours, composition, aaaaah~
You sir, I had forgotten just how much you win :D
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yays tsujara (grammer failz)
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I dun't gets teh pun. :3

I love the style of this. Nice work! :D
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Me gusta es muy buena!
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That's amazing.
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ffffffffff so so cute!!!! XDDD
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This is plain awesome! Here, have a free Internet. :iconfreeinternetplz:
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Thanks, I'll put it in my pocket
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