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Deesses de la Terre by Yatsuko Deesses de la Terre by Yatsuko
I'm not going to draw for a long time, so I'm in a great hurry to finish some drawings and post them.
Here, Saint Seiya, again! Maybe I need to explain...
You've got 1 character from the manga, 2 OC of mine, and a character designed by Future Studio (from the artbook Sacred Saga). Left to right : Athena (aka Saori Kido), Ariane of Chimera, Demeter, and Persephone. All goddess of the Earth.

Everyone knows Athena or Saori-san, I guess...

Ariane : one of my OC, Specter of the Chimera, from the Celestial Star of the Illusion, she is a mysterious girl : her story is known only by somes.
It's a tragic story : Ariane (or Ariadne) was initially the princess of Crete in the Mythological Era, daughter of the legendary king Minos (who is actually Griffin Minos, read the story of the Minotaur with Theseus). After she helped him to kill the beast and escape from the labyrinth, Theseus abandonned her in the Naxos island, afraid of the humiliation that it would be to bring the daughter's ennemy with him
Desespered, she was discovered by Dionysos, god of wine, and in love with her, he took her to the Olympus and bring her immortal.

But, a long time after, Ariane's brother, Glaucos, who was worried for her missing sister (she leaved with Theseus and Phedre without a word) went to the Temple of Dionysos, he knew about the wedding by a Nymphe. Ariane came to him, and Dionysos, afraid to see his wife move away from him, killed Glaucos.
Ariane killed herself, asked for a magic dagger in exchange of her Crown to Hephaistos, and once in Hell, asked for staying by Hades's side, no wanting more to stay with Dionysos. Hades wasn't agree, but she is saved Persephone.

Ariane became Persephone's warrior and friend, century after century. The Queen asked her to spy the Twin Gods, Hypnos and Thanatos, and also the Specters, including the Judges.

Demeter : as the same in the mythology, she's the agriculture goddess, and also Persephone's mother. I was inspired by the artbook Sacred Saga, I love her sad expression and her blue long hair. I though she was really beautiful this way. I didn't develop the story about her, but she will sure have a big role.

Persephone : Hades's wife, Goddess of the seasons, Queen of the Underworld. She is wary about the other Specters, mainly the Twin Gods. She consider Ariane as a friend, her best in Hades's kingdom. She gave a pendant to the Chimera, a passeport to Elysion, she is free to come and see her as she want (what is irritating Hades).

I'm satisfied with the result, It's what I wanted (I'm thinking of the colours) But the shadows contrast disapeared, I don't know how...
Yatsuko Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
Thanks a lot! ^^ For comment and favorite...I prefer the Athena / Sasha (in The Lost Canvas) In Kurumada's original story, I think she is not very active.
Orochi88 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
cool i love atena she is awesome
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