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the end of the world

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 15, 2006, 4:33 PM

ok, these quiz things are always funny, but they're not usually so accurate:

i caused the apocolypse!

history book quiz

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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 1, 2006, 4:17 PM
  • Listening to: gyakuten saiban orchestrated ost
  • Watching: ouran koukou hosuto bu!
  • Playing: FFIII [yay mognet!]
  • Drinking: not enough

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to talk to you about daily deviations. now, i'm all for recognition of a person's achievements, but what i'm saying is, do you have to let the person know? i mean, i'm all happy for yatsu that she made the dA front page --well, as happy as i can be, considering i am THE satan-- but yatsu herself has been jumping about like a school girl ever since she found out, and i am certain that this is much too happy for her. my goal in life --well, in existance, seeing as i suppose i'm not technically "alive"-- my goal in existance, my raison d'etre, as it were, is to make yatsu miserable. and you people? you people are not helping at all. she's running around giggling. not healthy. certainly not as depressed as i was hoping to make her. you people have ruined my entire plan to ruin this young lady's day/life. so thank you. thank you all very much.

front page goodness




i just wanted to update and thank everybody for the favs and watches  and the massively awesome comments. and of course, Thriss for suggesting me (SHE'S SO AWESOME!) and adrift for choosing me (ALSO SO AWESOME!). doumo arigatou gozaimasu minna-sama! m(._.)m

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NaNo - thank god for rite I

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 22, 2006, 8:37 PM
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  • Playing: Children of Mana
  • Drinking: not enough

nijuuninichi first off, i'd like to continue my "i need clean" story from before? see, the thing is, our cats have trekked in those lovely hosehold nuisances, fleas, and i've been freaking out about them. i hate them. plus, one of them bit me the other day, and it freaking hurt! not like, weep cry mommy help it hurts sort of thing, but i was like, i can hardly see this creature, why does it hurt at all? so i've been on a clean freak since then. i did indeed wash my hair in the sink. then i set down to do some more writing. i kept hearing some wierd, deep sort of growling noise from the kitchen, but i've had these damn allergies blocking up my ears for so long, i thought maybe i was just hearing things. until Baby, that's one of the cats, by the by, came into the dining room where i was writing, with a twitching little present in her mouth. "SHIT!" i said. "MOUSE!" i thought.

well, to make a long --and i do mean LONG AND PROTRACTED-- story short, i had to call my mom down for assistance, and it took us a half hour or so to trap the thing behind our china cabinet, at which point we set a trap back there with it, put up some planks of wood so it couldn't get out, said f this, and went to bed. the following day, we laughed every time we went in the kitchen, because we could hear it running around. ... no, we're not that cruel, it wasn't hahah laughter, it was eeeehehehshit laughter. ... except maybe me, but i'm a bitch and we all know it, so move on. (^_^)v

that night, the cats' interest in the cabinet renewed, and so i verified that the planks of wood were still in place, and then i went to bed. a couple hours of children of mana later, i decided it really was time to go to SLEEP and so i came upstairs to go to the bathroom, but when i came out of the restroom, Ginger, that's one of our other cats, the one that understands english, i SWEAR, she was staring down the hall at me with a "we're not doing anything, i promise" look, so of course, stupid me, i had to go investigate.

... yup, that's right, the "SHIT!" (MOUSE!) had escaped, and our lovely trio of furballs were playing with their midnight snack. so i shooed them away, grabbed a broom, and shoved that nasty thing straight out onto the porch! go me!

... sigh. that was a saga. i'd include something like it in my NaNo novel, except... I'M DONE! HELL YEAH! 50,093 feels like heaven! i was thinking today, i'm kinda sick of this damn novel. i LIKE this story, and i feel bad mauling it in the name of showing off. especially since i'm not showing off to anyone but myself. but then i remembered that i still had a coronation ceremony to do, and that if all else failed, i could always launch into the campaign to conquor Tolbie that directly follows the events of my second NaNo story, and i hopped on it. and now, here i am, having finished NaNo 2006 an entire eight days early! YAYS!

... ... ...

i've been NaNo-ing too much. i just tried to get a word count for my journal.


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NaNo - week three

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 19, 2006, 9:44 PM
  • Reading: armies and warfare in the middle ages
  • Watching: doctor who!
  • Playing: Children of Mana and FFXII
  • Drinking: a lot

juugonichi well, i'm almost seven days ahead of schedule (36516 words), but that's mostly because Kay decided to attend some church services and so i decided to insert the entire text of said services into my story. yay word count padding! hey, once again, this is NaNo, we don't have what you would precisely call "standards." also, i got a car adaptor for my laptop

laptop car power inverter

so i will be writing on the way to and/or from chicago thanksgiving weekend. that's right, thanksgiving day, i'll be on the road. oh well, honestly, i don't care that much. i'm one of the few people i know who seriously doesn't mind long car trips.
stil f-ing :sick:

juurokunichi nothing done today. i'm doing research on medieval battles in preperation for the final battle. in other news, though, cadbury has a christmas version of their delectable easter eggs out, and i'm pretty sure i want to kiss someone about it.

juushichinichi again nothing. more research. i'm feeling really guilty about not writing anything. i may have to do some more padding just to assuage my guilt. (^_^) on the other hand, this book is really rocking. i'm reading a section on seige warfare, how to conduct it as well as how to defend against it. i'm going to have to re-read this book after NaNo so i can actually learn something from it instead of just rushing through it.

juuhachinichi well this month has done nothing if not remind me of the proper way to say the days of the month in japanese. today i padded the shit out of my novel and started in on the chapter of my research book entitled "Seige Warfare." YAYS! my word count stands at 39582 by the official counter, which has consistantly been giving me seven more words than my word processor, but whatever. i'll take as many extra words as i can get. today i also did a little ... well, i probably shouldn't have been doing it, but ... i was editing. i know! i know! horrible! this is nanoWRImo, not nanoEDmo, but still, i was flailing on kay's story, so i edited it a little. actually i ended up adding words, so it turned out to be a good thing. now if only i could convince my nose to stop being so damned stuffed up. i really am getting quite sick of being sick. i'd like to be able to speak properly and sing maybe eventually, and also my sinuses are so stuffed up that i'm getting a sinus headache and my jaw is starting to hurt. my eyes are itchy, so i know it's allergies, rather than an actual illness, and i've got some prescription meds that should be coming in the mail here either tomorrow or early next week, so hopefully i will be able to breathe again some time soon, but in the meantime, i'm getting very pissed off about the amount of mucus my body is producing. ... sorry. in other news, OMFG wasn't doctor who THE MOST AWESOMENESS tonight!? FANGIRL!

juukunichi wee~ i've got less than 10,000 words to write! yee haw! *ahem* the problem is, i've promised myself that i won't start FF3 - which i just bought this afternoon and am having a difficult time keeping my hands off off - until i finish children of mana - which i also bought recently, but which is turning out to be a smidge on the boring side. the gaming industry is basically conspiring to kill my nano this year. damn you people! stop putting out so many good games! ... ... ... oh wait...

hatsuka oh my lord if my nose does not cut that shit out right this very moment and start working i WILL kill someone. i've just put in the very last bit of padding i can put in my novel, and i've reached 44,668, so it's not really that bad. i've only got 5332 words to write, except that i've got to actually WRITE them all, i can't just pad the shit out of this thing anymore. also, i need a shower, but people who's bedroom is right next to the bathroom are already asleep. damn people, needing their sleep... i may just pull out a sink wash for my hair... i need clean!

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NaNo - week two

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 13, 2006, 9:53 PM
  • Listening to: summer rain [etro anime]
  • Playing: Children of Mana and FFXII

youka well, Trouble has Arrived. i hit 18,375 words just a few minutes ago, which puts me * quick! maths! * three days ahead of schedule, and my little MSexcel report card thingy says i'm on track to finish on the 20er of november, but... i'm done. i got to the last chapter of my story, filled in some bits, and found nothing else to add. i'm going to have to start on my back-up story tomorrow, which, actually, i like a lot better, but that's just it - i LIKE this back-up story. i'm not sure i'll be able to turn off my editor and just write. ... of course, if i keep getting sicker, i'm going to have to call off work, and i suppose i'll have all day to write then. i'm not certain how coherent the story'll be at that point, but whatever, i guess. this is NaNo, we don't exactly have what you'd call "standards."

nanaka 24,166. i am 834 words away from the halfway point. i am sick like a puppy, but i am nearly halfway through nano AND IT'S ONLY THE NINTH! i am nearly five days ahead of schedule. if i could breathe, i'd be doing a happy dance. ... ... ... fuck i wish i could breathe. anyhow. i've got some (maybe not so present) presents for you. this:

Melancholy Joachim - chapter 1
Elemental Tactician
     in which we are introduced to an assassin known as the Elemental Tactician
     From his vantage point on the roof of the Wool and Cloth Makers Guild Headquarters, Joachim had control of the entire street. He was stretched out on the tile roof, flintlock rifle butted up against his chest and magic spells whirling unseen above his head. There were several silencing spells, a couple of accuracy enhancing spells, and one rather powerful invisibility spell. Joachim was on the hunt.
     His mark this mid September afternoon was the head of the Wool and Cloth Makers Guild, The Sheep Golem. The Sheep Golem had gone into work that morning, as every other morning now for nearly three months, afraid for his life. Someone had been killing off the heads of the city's guilds one after the other. The rumor de jour speculated that the responsible assassin was codenamed Elemental Tacticia

is the first chapter of Melancholy Joachim, my original nano story, the one i finished yesterday. and this:

Blessing the Troops - chap one
First, The Results of Promotion
- 1 -
     I'VE NEVER really hated a man. Of course, I've never really loved one, either. Except, Ellard.
     Ellard was always more loyal than I. A bit dumber, too, but I'm told that's part of his charm. It must be, or there would be no reason not to stab him repeatedly.
     It began with a promotion. To Vice-Captain. His, and not mine, despite what we'd been told. In those days, promotions at the higher levels were still handled directly by the king, and although he usually followed the advice of his councillors, he was under no legal or customary obligation to do so. One afternoon, about two weeks before the humiliation in question became a matter of public record, Ellard was approached by our captain. I wasn't present, but Ellard later relayed to me the following conversation:
Ellard: "What can I do for you, sir?" (Always the helpful one, isn't he? -K)
Captain: "I was

is the first chapter of Blessing the Troops, my backup nano story, inspired by a wonderful digital painting by Geistig as seen below:

enjoy, although i warn you, Joachim's not as polished or as smarmy as my usual faire.
:sick: :sick:

touka well, it's a little late, but it is still technically the tenth, so i guess that's alright. as of right now, i've got 25,842 words. i'm slowing down, as i knew i would with Kay. his story is turning out alright though, so i suppose i'll just have to deal with it. when i get my paycheck i'm buying a car power adaptor for my laptop, and i'm going to be writing as much as i can on the way to and from chicago (we're moving my brother back thanksgiving weekend) so i can get a lot done then. on the sickness front, i tried several different nose unplugging drugs over the course of last night and today, but nothing seems to be working, so i guess i'm just stuck w/ a sinus headache and a stuffed up nose for however long god wants to punish me. thanks, god.

oh man I HATE ILLNESS!!! gawd i'm miserable. ... ... ... ok, that's enough complaining. i am actually six days ahead of schedule, and if i can write another 700 words or so before midnight, i'll have been seven days ahead for that little bit. problem is, i have no idea what's going to happen next in the story, so i have no idea where i'm going. i don't want to know the ending, i'd just like a little clue as to which direction i'm headed, that's all. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK!!! (T_T)
:sick: :sick: :sick:

juunika well, 29027 words. i feel like i haven't written that much, but i think that's because i've gotten into the habit of marking days by when i write the journal, and i only wrote the day 11 journal like, six hours ago... that's basically what makes saturdays fun, is waking up on saturday afternoon rather than saturday morning. my illness seems to have dropped back into the Annoying But Managable stage, but i also reached the end of the pre-outlined section of my second story, so i'm running a little slow on word counts. i am of course seven days ahead of schedule, though, so i think i'm going to take tomorrow and make it outlining day. i've got a vague idea of where Kay's going next, but no real idea of the political problems he'll face, and since it's a story build on political Problems, that makes things a bit difficult. *is off to cook up something horrible to do to her character's home country. yays!*

juusannichi</a> well, i waited until the last possible minute, but i do indeed have a plot, and i've even got word count inflation built in. i knew all those years at church were going to be good for something. ... ... >.>;;; anyhow. i even managed to get something written, and so for the moment, my total stands at 30110, putting me five days ahead. plus when i get paid here in a few days, i'll be buying that fancy car laptop adaptor, so i'm hoping i've basically got it made for nano from here on out. course, i've had worse things happen to me, so i am absolutely not allowed to slack off. you hear me self! no slacking! ... ... ... i'm asleep. ungrateful little brat...

juuyokka 31,726 and counting. i'm jumping around in the time line now and doing bits and pieces of the final battle scene. i need to watch something on medieval fighting. or maybe play some tactical rpg! (^_^)v i'm going to have to do the boring word count inflators here before long, too. in other news, firefox 2.0 is made of rawk. the extentions you can get to mod this thing are out of this world. now if only i could get the inline spell check disable box to show up. the damn options box won't scroll and refuses to resize.</div>

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NaNo - week one

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 5, 2006, 11:08 PM

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to talk to you about NaNoWriMo. that's right folks, it's that time of year again. national novel writing month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo, is upon us once more. this year, meredeth's story will consist of one blind assassin with social interaction issues, one contract for every guild head in the city, and one invisible young woman with a passion for vengence. i'm hoping it will be dark and gloomy and oppressive, and she's hoping it will be entertaining to read. we'll see. in the meantime, she's agreed to provide me with a record of the torture she has chosen to inflict upon herself via this journal. sit back and enjoy, i know i will.

ichinichi holy fuck i'm tired. my word count says 1713, although i'm cheating a little by including the vestiges of my outline, but i did write about 1500 words today, plus i woke up at 11.30 am... yes, i know some of you are like, wtf? 11.30? i wish! but here's the thing: i don't ever get to sleep before 3 in the morning, and not usually before 4. so 11.30 is like, an hour and a half less sleep than i'd like. i would have just stayed in bed, but the classical station that my alarm is set to was playing bach's tocatta and fugue in d minor, and i absolutely LOVE that piece, so i had to stay up for it, and by the time it was over, i was awake. then there was trick or treat, and my massive shopping trip where i obtained about five more things than i had set out for --damn you nano excitement for making me overspend!-- and then i actually had to sit down and write something. f that. so now i'm going to bed, and i shall see you again sometime on the morrow. adieu!

futsuka damn i'm hot! 4307 as of 2.59 this morning. YES! man, though, FFXII is THE biggest distraction. i played that thing for like three hours this evening, all the while glancing surreptitiously at my laptop, like, "i know, i KNOW. just let me get through this one dungeon... just let me find this one shop... just let me-- oh BLEEEH!" so finally i had to break down and write. i did almost 1000 words in one hour, so yay me. once again, though, i am DEAD TIRED, so i'm off to pray for several extra hours to suddenly appear in the middle of the night from some other extra dimension, that i might become mystically well-rested.

mikka is it really only the third? ... i'm going to crash and burn by this weekend. (T_T) heh. i am so DOG tired. actually, i'm going to bed a little early this ... morning, because i can barely type i'm so tired. it doesn't help that our furnace is el busto and it's only like 65 degrees in this house. i've got gloves on. and my fingers are still freezing. BADNESS(tm). on the other hand, i finally figured out what the anti-soul mysteries lab has to do with anything. for those of you who are like WTF once again [yeah, that's gonna happen a lot this month, folks.] my chapter titles are the first thirteen tracks of the limitied edition soundtrack sampler that came with Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. which, by the way, i AM addicted to castlevania, yes, and i WILL be ordering portrait of ruin from EB w/ all it's swag-y goodness. posters AND soundtracks AND artbooks? HELL YES i'm in!

yokka god look at that. i'm so fucking close! 9408 words. i was hoping to pass 10,000 before bedtime, but that's just not gonna happen. i'm sitting at the table, trying to type, and i keep mistyping because my fingers are so cold. i tried putting on gloves, but that was even worse. i've got some wrist warmers, too, and they did work great, until about midnight, when the temp started really dipping and the house started to go popsicle. actually, i'm still about a day and a half ahead of myself, so i'm not feeling too bad, plus tomorrow is saturday, so i've got nothing to do but write. ... ... ... ok, there was just this massive metallic crash from the furnace. nothing blew up, exactly, but i'm a little curious. problem is, the furnace is currently ON, miracle of miracles, and i'm not looking to mess w/ anything, lest it go off again. besides of which, i'm safe and comfy in my bed, with my sheets, two blankets, a comforter, and my winter coat on, and i have finally attained that mystical state know as Warm. ... what i'm really starting to be worried about, actually, quite beside the furnace, is that this story is not long enough to last fifty thousand words. back up stories, where are you?

itsuka yet another going-to-bed-early day for me. i passed the 10k mark though. 10740. it feels fancy, but here's the problem: i don't like this story. it's boring the HELL out of me. AND I'M WRITING IT! the problem is, i keep trying to fall asleep while i'm writing it. i don't know if i've got some kind of iron deficiency or if these mornings of waking up to a 58 degree house are starting to wear on me or WHAT the hell's going on, but i am colossally uninspired by joachim's story. which is sad. because i think it could be cool. but joachim's a very introspective/thoughtful guy and so there's really not enough action for my tastes. i do have another story that i'm just DYING to write, but i think i like that story FAR too much not to edit it as i go, and that would make me so slow as to completely doom me to failure. dammit! i will not fail! i shall just have to work some more action into my book. it's about an assassin, you'd really think it wouldn't be so hard.

muika i really can't believe it's only been six days. it seriously makes me want to faint. of all the times IN THE WORLD to be sick. that would explain the fatigue. on the other hand 12216 words. also, a new toy:

a sharp typewriter

a sharp PA-4000 to go w/ my other two mildly vintage typewriters. this one however is still new enough that i can buy ribbons for it at staples. i suppose that disqualifies it from even the mildly vintage category, but i just don't care. i got my writing spirit back, for like, two hours with that thing, and so i'm happy. as you can see from the grease pencil, it was well worth it. and now i am off to try to find a nasal decongestant that doesn't make me want to stab myself in the nostril with a roto-rooter.

ok, p.s. i fucking HATE the emoticon tree. i can't fucking find anything! dammit! i never really liked that thing, but i figured i hardly ever used it, so it wasn't worth complaining about. but now i want to find a sick emote, AND I CAN'T FUCKING DO IT! plus the little "emoticons" link when you make a comment is pointless in this instance, since i'm trying to change my journal emote, WHICH YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE VIA THE EVIL TREE. dammit!

ok, p.p.s. i've searched the entire fucking tree, and can report that it is not there. fuck? that.

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busted-ass car

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 24, 2006, 8:00 PM
  • Listening to: Kiss Twice
  • Reading: Joan of Arc: In Her Own Words
  • Watching: inuyasha. sniff.
  • Eating: no-bake oatmeal/crack cookies

and geekery. can't forget about the geekery.

well my afternoon was going rather well, considering that the difference in temperature between inside my covers and outside my covers was about 20 degrees, and i even learned that my cell-mate at work shares my consternation and confusion over our boss's obsession with the post office, except that after work, i stepped outside, got into my car, and began to drive away. now, i park on a super busy main street, and so when i'm not feeling adventurous, i get in the passenger side and crawl over. this afternoon, i did just that. when i got out onto the road, i noticed a wierd plastic-y flapping noise from my front end. given the length of time since my last oil change (almost a year) and the amount of miles on my nearly ten-year-old car (97k plus), i was of course concerned. then i heard a SHUNK and i ran over something, and i was Concerned. in my rearview mirror, i could see something long and black in the middle of the road where i had just been. i hurridly pulled over, got out the driver's side (OMGdeath) and stalked back the block or so to see what it was. the following is what was left of what i saw:

my car bumper

in case you're wondering, that used to be part of my front bumper. ... yeah. turns out some jerk, who shall remain nameless only because i don't know his name, backed up into my parked vehicle, breaking the bumper AND the left turn signal and knocking off my driver's side hubcap. s/he/it then took the time to re-attach my hubcap and bumper before driving away. not like my car was in particularly pristine condition beforehand, but a note or something would have been nice. at least it would have prevented my wishing doom and destruction upon his head. in the meanwhile, my front left turn signal does not work, a fact which i'm pretty sure makes it illeagal, and my car looks deformed.

my poor car my poor car - angle 2

when i got home, my sister said of it, "your car's got battle scars." i said, "what it needs is battle spikes."

all this calamity did not, however, prevent me from attending the NaNoWriMo Columbus Chapter kick-off meeting this evening. it was held at Kafe Kerouac, a delightful place, by the way, despite it's parking woes, and we basically doubled the Geek Quotient of the place for a couple of hours. in the next room was a chess club meeting.

kick-off group for duffymoon

the first one is, of course, us, in all our geeky glory, and the second one is the vintage typewriter that was in back of the room. there has been some discussion of vintage typewriters in our little Columbus lounge on the NaNo boards, although duffymoon, the chief proprietor of vintage typewriting goodness, was unable to attend this evening, and so it was rather ironic to see it there. perhaps they wouldn't mind if i took it home with me? i'd promise to love it... ¬.¬

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birthaday for me!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 22, 2006, 7:14 PM
  • Listening to: kajiura-sama
  • Reading: Joan of Arc: In Her Own Words
  • Watching: Ouran koukou hosuto-bu!
  • Eating: goldfish crackers

presents! for me! in my head!

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to talk to you today about birthdays. that's right, yatsu is the big two-five today! she's a quarter century old now, and she's done wonderful great magnificent things for the whole of humani-- what's that? she hasn't? ... oh

that's right, yatsu is the big two-five today! she's a quarter century old now, and she's sure to be planning wonderful great magnificent-- what? well... what the hell am i suppose to say then?

enough of that tomfoolery! satan knows darn well that i did a very good deed today. i gave away one of my books, hobbit-birthday-style. in case you missed it, it was this one:

it was only up for about five mintues before somebody snatched it. she sounded positively giddy about the present, so i'm confident that it's going to a good home. also, it was my first time with the four-needle coptic technique and i think i'm hooked. first off, i'm all for complexity, and using four needles to bind one little 4" x 4" book was way too cool. second off, the result was much much MUCH better than the one-needle technique. so, yeah, i'm hooked. the other awesome thing about that book is that i got to use my new toy!

a japanese screw punch. you press it down on the paper, and it uses the most awesome drilling motion to punch a big-ass (well, 3 mm) hole in the paper. my mommy bought it for me for my birthday. i was like YAYS! other things i got for my birthday include:

a cup w/ a monkey on it from my little sister, and a quilted postcard and some buttons from my not-as-younger sister. i'm running out of room on my bookbag for buttons.

huh, what a shame... yeah... a shame...

and then there's the things i bought myself:

<a href="href="…" title="Photo Sharing">

craft: magazine (which, by the by, is quite possibly THE most awesome magazine i have ever seen), How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese (because i NEED more vocab!), and a book called Joan of Arc in Her Own Words. i saw that last one on a recent trip during which i bought a book called 1066 (which i finished off in three days because i am a william the conqueror fangirl) and it stayed on my mind. so when i got an email coupon from borders this afternoon for my birthday, i knew right where to go.

after borders, we ended up at friendly's for dinner, where we had the nicest server. i sing her praises because even when dana let slip the "secret" that it was my birthday, she didn't embarrass me w/ any nasty song/dance/cake routine. i was SO relieved. plus, when dana ordered her Monster Mash ice cream to go, this is what she received:

that? is the angriest looking ice cream dish i have ever seen, and we all loved it!

in other news, if you pick up that craft: magazine, (available at your local book-/craft-store)

etsy has nearly three whole pages in there, plus there's screen printing instructions, which i've always wanted to try, plus there's info on how to sew a circut board w/ LEDs into your shirt, PLUS there's instructions for a wallet made out of underwear. now who wouldn't want that!?


you shush, satan.

i was just going to say, that i think those tighty-whity wallets are quite fashionable, and that i'd like to have one.

... ... ... g'night folks!

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satan speaks

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 12, 2006, 5:30 PM
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thumbshare time! (^_^)v

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to talk to you about winter. i know, i know, it's still october, winter shouldn't quite be here for you northern hemisphere people, and you in the southern hemisphere have had just about enough of winter, thank you very much. by i, being satan, particularly enjoy the pain and frustration caused by mountains of flaky white stuff. of course the part where the kids get a day off from school to frolick is a bit annoying, but it's balanced out by the headaches they cause their parents. what really brings a smile to my face is the horrible car accidents--

stop stop STOP! snow is righteous and good and wonderful! down, ye wicked satan!

... ok, now that we've got that out of the way. it's chibi thumbshare time. only one thumb to share.

i was called for jury duty a few weeks ago, and as i was leaving the building via 9th-floor-skyway, i passed by this sign. it doesn't have anything on the back of it, it's just a piece of paper, apparently that you shouldn't remove, taped to the window, nine stories up. i loved it so much, i photographed it. ...and yes, there were some other people on the walkway, and yes, they were giving me strange looks. but i just didn't care.

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to talk to you--

what!? you'd like to talk to us about what!?

... jury duty?

ok. look. people. jury duty should not be a topic for satan. if you are really that inconvenienced by jury duty that you feel the need to complain about it to everyone around you and whine to the judges about how you need to run errands and spend another boring day at work helping out people who will still be irate whether you are there to be irate at or not, then please, move to another country, where you are not compelled by law to lend a few days out of your entire year to help run your local government, so that the rest of us, who actually are desirous of making this country a slightly better place, can do so w/out your incessant, noisy, whining. thank you.

anything you want to add, satan?

... no. i think that about covers it.

are you sure? nothing at all.

no, i'm good.

ok then. thank you. we now return you to your regularly scheduled deviantART.


aHA! i figured it out! check THESE monkeys out! behold! etsy's front page!

no wonder i got about a bazillion views today. and here i thought it was that satan finally coming through. i should've guessed, i suppose. that satan's such a lazy bum when it comes to coming through on a deal.

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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 27, 2006, 7:00 PM
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so to speak... (^_^)v

well, it turns out that subscribers can use CSS in their journals now! yays!

so we'll see how it turns out...

the really cool thing is that today, i received a present!

a 15oz mug w/ james joyce's hideous mutilation of the english language emblazoned on it! i really can't stand anything mr joyce has ever written, but i keep him around to remind myself that good writing does not always mean success and the being successful does not automatically make you a good writer.

... if you wanna know what's up w/ this journal, you can check out… quentinwrites's template and thespook's reference:…

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Tue Sep 19, 2006, 11:57 AM


neptune's great man nipples! this here day be international talk like a pirate day! for those of you land lubbers out there who've never heard of international talk like a pirate day, where the heck've you been!? you can visit this here link: , where you can learn all the piratical verbage and, especially important, you will be taught the proper piratical manner of Swaggering. deathly important, that swaggering.

in other news, i have FINALLY located me lost DS kanji dictionary. it went missing some time saturday night, but it finally turned up here at the office. musta stowed away on me bookbag, the scalleywag.

now, to get a'translatin'!

[i need a pirate emote... i found 'em i found 'em~ :ahoy: :pirate: ]

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the count's going down? omg!

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fuck college

Thu Sep 14, 2006, 6:20 PM

because if i put a post w/ fuck in the title on etsy,
i'd probably be lynched.

ok, see, this? will be a rant journal. if you do not want to read rant, then don't. there is a small section of non-rant below, demarcated in bold for your viewing pleasure. thank you, and good night.

[rant : on]

as mentioned in the title, fuck college. more specifically, fuck college financial aid. if a person wants to go to college, they should just be able to go, it should not depend upon having to fill out fifty different forms just to make sure that you're eligible to be educated. as if being rich, and thus not having to apply for financial aid, instantly makes you an acceptable person. ... ok, that sounds juvenile, but here's how it goes:

you're broke OR you're not

if you're broke, you fill out the FAFSA, wait for that wing of the government to decide that you are broke enough, then they tell your college that you're broke enough, and you get a letter stating that people will give you money. if this is your first year at college, probably this is where your story ends. you go to class, you (hopefully) don't fuck up, and your life goes merrily on. if, like me, you have had some previous experience at college (college a), your story will most likely NOT end there. you will have to transfer over all of your credit from your college a, in the desperate hope that you will not have to pay to take classes you've already taken. then the government will decide that you have to pay back your loans from your previous college experience (PCE) and so you better *hurry hurry* fill out those deferment requests, so that this wing of the government, too, can realize that you are broke. then your second college (college b) will decide which credits they feel like accepting and which they don't. then they'll finally decide to tell you, and now that it's two quarters past when you actually applied to college b, they'll also tell you that you've been accepted. then the government will tell you that you have too many credits, and that they have decided you've been in college just about long enough, and that they will not be giving you any more money. if you haven't already, this is the time to start sobbing.

if you're not broke, you pay the college, you take whatever classes you want, and you move on. end of story.

im not sure about you, but i'm pretty sure i'd be taking the Not Broke option if at all possible. too bad i'm broke.

so, i'm driving home after some disinterested old bald guy tells me that i'm either to pay them $771 by tomorrow at 11 pm or skip out on college FOR A FOURTH STRAIGHT QUARTER, and i'm thinking: obviously, somebody doesn't want me at columbus state. well, what the hell am i doing there anyway? well, what the hell am i trying to be there for, i suppose. a pc technician degree on paper, but what the hell's that for? if i really wanted one of those so bad, i could probably go talk to suzanne sommers and get it on the cheap. what i really want, is my damn OSU english degree back. i was three quarters, THREE FUCKING QUARTERS away from a bachelors in english, when tuition went through the roof and i had to drop out. what i want is a bachelors degree, a plane ticket to japan, and an endless supply of stories to write. so tomorrow morning, i'm calling OSU's english department to see what it would take for me to reapply there. i like college, i like learning stuff, i just wish our system wasn't set up to make poor people's lives so damn difficult.

[rant : off]

ok, speaking of being broke, yard sales are just about the best thing EVARZ. this past weekend, my mother and youngest sister and i spent the entire day yard sale-ing, and here are some things that i picked up on the cheap:

mujahadeen by yatsu

an HP LaserJet 4 Plus, total cost? $12. it was $5 at the actual yard sale, and the power cable i had to go buy to make it work was $7. i love it when the accessory costs more than the item itself, don't you? (^_^)v

two-hole punch by yatsu

a two-hole punch. now, to most of you, this will seem like nothing. "it's office equipment," you will say, "wtf?" well, i'm the kind of girl who gets excited by office supplies. paper, printers, hole punches, even those tabbed dividers aren't so bad if you think about it. it's when you are forced to spend eight hours a day cataloguing dead people's cancelled insurance that you begin to hate offices.

yale book by yatsu

that's right, a yale composition book. the book itself isn't anything special, but on the back it has all kinds of weird measurements, like, apothecary's measurements, and troy weights and how many roods there are in an acre. for instance, did you know that 100 lbs is 1 cask of raisins? or that 280 lbs of salt makes 1 barrel at the NY state salt works? ... what? you didn't want to know? ... oh. well, poo on you.

i also picked up a fancy shmancy light bulb shaped lamp, but i neglected to take pictures of that before i took it downstairs, and now i'm too lazy to go get it. so, poo on me.

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very bad things (tm)

Fri Aug 25, 2006, 12:59 PM

stop sucking, world!!!

long long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

i stumbled across some ouran high school host club fanart here on dA. i though, hm, cute~ but forgot about it. then a couple days later, i saw some more. and some more. then i saw some stickers and i thought, ok, FINE, i'll find out what the heck this show is. it turns out to be a fairly hysterical anime about a girl who is mistaken for a guy and then gets roped into joining the titular host club. so, i downloaded the first few episodes, and now i'm hooked. i'd like to let my sister watch it, too, but two people on one laptop screen, even a widescreen, is about one person too many, so i decided to go get an s-video cable so we could watch it on the tv. ... thus my problems began.

it turns out i'm too broke even to afford a skinny little s-video cable, so i left microcenter empty-handed, something that always causes me pain. then on the way home, i got a good jolt of pain - my check engine light went on. this?

BADBADBAD by yatsu

is not a happy sight. i pretty much freak out at the slightest hint of something going wrong w/ my car, for two reasons. a, i am the world's brokest car-owner, and b, my car gets nearly 30 miles to the gallon on it's worst days. i LOVE my car. there is no way i could get a better car. i just wish i could treat it right. like ... getting it an oil change every once in a while ... when i had to have my engine replaced about two years ago [christ, was it really that long ago?] it was because my car hadn't had an oil change in about three years. now i live in a perpetual state of "when's my next oil change!? when's my next oil change!?" just as an aside, my next oil change is scheduled for about six months ago. so, when the check engine light went on, i immediately thought, low oil? please? i went home, tried to pretend that it hadn't happened, and dreamt that night of my car breaking its engine block.

yesterday, the drive to work did not solve whatever the problem was, so i decided it was time to admit that the light was indeed ON, and that i needed to do something. during work, i was working on an outline for my nano novel (details to come lay-tah) when i heard this sickening crunch of metal on metal. a car accident had occured right outside the office. in front of my car. ... with my car? O. M. G. DID THAT OLD GEEZER JUST HIT MY CAR!!!??? ... luckily, no. he hit the old lady in the van in front of him, it was just the odd angle that his car ended up at that made me think he had side-impacted my beautiful, if [more than] slightly dilapitated, tercel. the drive home also did not solve my problem, and i refused to take the highway, fearing that some hideous shudder would soon betoken my vehicle's imminant demise [woah, girl, ease up off the vocab, hm?] and when i got home, i popped the hood, checked my dipstick, and discovered that my oil levels were fine. it was old oil, probably NASTY oil, but there definitely was still enough of it to prevent check engine lights from going on. the problem must lie elsewhere. mom comes out to help me, we check the coolant resevoir, and discover that it is all but empty. my engine's still a little too hot to check to radiator itself, and it's already six pm, so that'll have to wait. in the meantime, i call my dad, discover that my household is bereft of coolant, and take my sister dana along with me for a brief ride to the auto parts store. ... wearing these:

shoes... by yatsu

shoes? ... uh, no. slippers, actually. ^^; also, actually, not an unusual occurance for me. my slippers are rubber-soled and quite shoe-like, so i often accidentally exit the house in my slippers rather than my shoes. ... ... ...

well, the auto parts store is super close to my home, so i'm thinking, i'll just drive over there, super quick, pick up some coolant, and then put it in tomorrow, and everything'll be fine. well, the auto parts store USED to be super close to my home, at least. it's moved. so now it's another short trip to the new location. luckily, coolant/antifreeze is only $5. yay in-house brands! i've still got a $10 in my wallet, so i'm like, let's go to staples and see if they've got some gel pens that i've been looking for. staples is right next to the old auto parts store location, so it's back to my first stop, park, and it is at this time that i discover i am wearing my slippers. dana thinks that's pretty funny. a. HA. so staples doesn't have what i want, and we go home, thanking god my car hasn't blown up or shuddered or anything nasty like that. it is at this point that i check my infamous pen drawer on a whim and discover that i already own the gel pens i had been looking to buy. ... ... ...

fast forward to this morning, meredeth sprawled out in her bed, sheets all tangled around her, and the doorbell ringing. meredeth moans, turns over as best she can, and goes back to sleep. ... ... ... twelve-thirty rolls around, and she is awoken once again by a doorbell, this time accompanied by more doorbell ringing, and beating on the door. nobody really moved upstairs, and the ringing/pounding continued, so i had to go upstairs and open the door for cute little dana-chan, who had locked herself out of the house. HOMICIDAL STAB. well, at that point, i was up, so i lounged in bed for a while, and then went upstairs and put coolant in my engine. that's when dana-chan finds a twenty dollar bill under the passanger seat. i'm thinking, when the heck've i had $20, and then it strikes me. i went to the bank for my boss the other day. it's my boss's $20. ... ... ... we can't find a funnel, so i pour in the coolant, my radiator is BONE dry, but i really don't want to spill any more coolant than is absolutely necessary, so i leave it dry, and start up the car. the vibrations change after a second, a little more normal now, but the light's still on. i leave it running for a while, but the light doesn't go off, and then it's time to go to work. ... so now here i am at work, praying my car doesn't explode when i turn it on this evening to go home.

on the bonus plan, i've gotten four out of five postcards from the etsy postcard swap i was involved in. one was from one of the girls i sent one to. she ended up being my first sale on etsy! yay! even though it was actually a trade, WHATever. it shows up as a sale, so there! another one was from colorado, another one was from wisconson, and another one was from ... i can't remember, but she did tell me to have a "fabbity fab fab day," so that was sufficiently scary. i'm also noticing that all the postcards i'm getting are store-bought, wereas the ones i sent were homemade. i'm kinda thinking... oops? melissa [the chick that bought from my shop] said she really liked hers, and i've heard from one other girl who seemed to really like hers, too, so i guess it's okay, but... /shrug/

anyhow, to conclude my novel, i would like to say:

happy convenience by yatsu

it's just sad how long it took me to figure out that this little convenience factor existed. (T_T)

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Wed Aug 9, 2006, 1:19 PM


o. m. g. i won something! i was kind of wondering why i got so many comments a few days back, but i was like, well, whatever. and then i come to find out~

omgiwon by yatsu

i can't believe it! i actually won day seven! holy crap! expecially since i was kind of meh on the finished product. (^^;)

anyhow, totally large big uber congrats to everybody who finished all seven days, a list of whom can be found at ^adrift's journal, and of course to all the judges [that couldn't've been a short reading] and danielzklein just for being ... ya know ... bringa-esque. yeah. anyhow.

today's other thing is which is the coolest idea evarz. what happens is, you sign up, you get up to five addresses, and you send them postcards. then other people can get your address and send you postcards. how cool is that!? i recently did a thing on etsy where a couple [dozen] of us got together and swapped postcards, and i think i'd like to do it some more, so i might sign up for the postcrossing thing. i'll just have to steal a crapload of postcard stamps from work. heheh. the ones i sent out for the etsy thing are:

etsy postcard - disorder by yatsu    etsy postcard - plume by yatsu
etsy postcard - polka dot by yatsu    etsy postcard - things by yatsu
etsy postcard - Victoria by yatsu

as soon as i get the cards from the other [probably] girls, i'll stick em up. i'm really eager to see where they're from. that plume one is going to a girl in Irishtown NB in canada! not exactly "overseas," but still cool. i need to make a ton of money and travel... le sigh.

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lost my head

Tue Aug 8, 2006, 7:12 PM


holy crap, i've got my sub back. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!

... ... ...

yeah. big shout out to yoboseiyo for that little bit of inanity.

as for now, i think i'll just pimp my etsy shop : notubóc

and my japanese-translation blog : robot clones.

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i was hoping to wait until i had my subscription back before i started writing journals again, but the world seems to be out to specifically forbid me from getting anything that i want, therefore, here is a journal. although, i did just get told that i have "natural talent" as a storyteller, so... i suppose i can't be ALL angry.

first things first. I CAN'T FRIGGIN SEE!!! ... that's what the title means. i can't see. or, it's not visible. japanese is freakish, but i love it. ichigai ni, as a rule, whenever i need new glasses, it's not that things go fuzzy, or that i start seeing double or that i get headaches or anything even remotely able to be dealt with. what happens, is i get a sort of vertigo whereby things look farther away than they actually are, and i get this strange disconnect between the way things look and how heavy they feel. :shudder: makes me dizzy just thinking about it. anyhow, the other week, i went to the eye doctor. when i tried to describe to her what happens to me, she was like... O.o not exactly something to inspire confidence, but i went ahead and got new glasses anyway, turns out my prescription had changed just a little. so. that brings us to the day i picked them up. the frames i had picked out... well, they're okay i guess, but when i went to pick em up, i found these other frames, and they are PERFECT and now i can't get em out of my head. they feel so... i don't know... i put em on, and i was like, "le sigh~" they just felt perfect. like they were built just for my head. ... okay, i'm waxing poetic about some frames... moving on to yesterday and today, i can no longer really look at the tv because things look MUCH further away than they should. i was TRYING to watch the last vol of RahXephon last night, and i kept getting interrupted by my own friggin eyeball's apparent inability to focus on the tv for a period longer than like five seconds.... -_-# and of course making books for my new etsy shop is impossible, since every time i look down for more than a few seconds, whatever i'm looking at goes WHOOSH sinking away from me. IT MAKES ME VERY ANGSTY. i'm quite angsty enough w/out any help from my eyeballs, thank you very much.

let's see, what else... oh YES. SPEAKING of ANGST. my FATHER... okay, alternating caps is obnoxious... my father and brother came home for the holiday, and boom, we find out they're actually staying for the whole week instead of just the holiday. wonderful, right? well... turns out dad had some arguement w/ the powers that be up there in chicago, them faulting dad because somebody else didn't feel like owning up to their own faults, and they were basically like, don't bother coming in, to which he apparently said, fine, whatever, f you. so this week, he's looking for a new job, one in columbus. ... ... ... yeah, that's right, four or five YEARS later, the bluff is called. chicago? bad idea. moving? horrible idea. two houses? i don't f-ing think so. father, in his ineffable, shall we say leave-it-to-beaver, way, called a little "family meeting" during which his main concern seemed to be financial. he kept saying, "it's gonna be a significant pay cut," i suppose taking it as read that everyone would be overjoyed to be what i'm CERTAIN he considers, "one big dysfunctional family."  just in case you can't taste the sarcasm, please allow me to state: i started the search for an apartment THAT VERY EVENING. of course, whether that actually materializes in enough time that i don't actually have to spend too much time w/ my father telling me about this amazing new concept, "going to bed earlier" and my brother camping right outside my bedroom door remains to be seen. don't get me wrong, love my brother dearly. however, i also love singing uber loud at odd times of the night, and reading my stories aloud to myself, and practicing my guitar, and i love doing all of these things downstairs, in my basement room, at times such as three am. even his staying for a week has upped my angst quotient more than it really should. i don't wanna think if it's a matter of months before we get an apartment. plus, he's been uber quiet this week, which is basically michael code for: WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO DAMMIT!? he works w/ dad, full time, nice~ paycheck, but not enough to support himself by himself w/ chicago rents, so he's pretty much going to have to quit a very nice paycheck and find something down here in columbus, where he's never had much luck w/ jobs in the first place. so... yeah... it could be exciting. just what i needed. fucked up eyeballs AND living space turbulence. chaos, for the win.

in lighter news: probably many of you do not actually remember my saying that i was going to get a book together from my march madness short stories and sell it on well, i've put up a couple of my stories on --which is actually a nice place, it's just a bit of a drag having to read stories that are in need of a copyeditor-- and someone over there told me i had a natural talent for storytelling. see? god really hates me, but the universe in general is trying to make me feel better. or maybe it's the other way around. whatever. somebody up there hates my financial guts, but somebody ELSE up there really likes my stories. i suppose this is a situation i can live with. or at least, if i could see, i'd be able to live w/ it.

speaking of stories, the DMZ gift shop. yes, there is apparently a gift shop in the demilitarized zone. i need to write a story about that. w/ somebody named V E Harsh. that? is a great name.

a? i like the way this entry is an entire teenage angst novel. blech.
b? i like the way i talk about michael as if he will not be reading this entry. he will be, trust me.
c? have i mentioned? I CAN'T FUCKING SEE PROPERLY!

oh yeah, and a few other projects i'd like to tell you about:
- my new etsy shop, notuboc: where i sell handmade blank books,
- my translation of YOU's journal [a guitarist for j-rock artist Gackt]:
- my page: there's only my nanowrimo book up there at the moment, and while that is a rolicking good time, it's not exactly my best writing. hold on for my short story collection though, that is some of my best.

broke as a joke

Wed May 31, 2006, 9:30 AM

it's thumbshare time!

fuck? that.

cops w/ nothing better to do w/ their lives than sit there, THREE OF EM AT A TIME, at a tiny little suburban intersection where nothing nothing NOTHING ever happens, and give people tickets. a hundred and thirty FREAKING dollars for ten miles over the speed limit. of course it's payday, luckily i'm working MAD EXTRA HOURS. i knew i didn't want to work today. when the boss asked me yesterday, i did all i could reasonably do to get out of it. i worked doubly hard to finish the appointed task, i came very very close to lying. but of course here i am. w/ $130 freaking ticket. and only enough Task to keep me busy for like an hour. bastards. yesterday did see the return of my favourite nagano-plated vehicle, though. i work next door to a used car place, and for a while they had this scary acura w/ a japanese license plate. NAGANO 4EVA! anyhow, it went away for a while, but now it's back! so i took a picture. even though my camera phone is not the swellest thing on the planet, i promise you, it does have a fancy nagano license plate. NAGANO 4EVARZ. ... ... ...

NAGANO 4EVA by yatsu

i also took a bunch of other pictures, mostly of the sorry state of my office.

office pic 1 by yatsu    office pic 2 by yatsu

and here's what i was doing most of yesterday:

filing by yatsu the job by yatsu

then he has me come in early again today to finish up like SIX freaking boxes of canceled checks FROM BEFORE MY PARENTS EVEN MET EACH OTHER. i have just completed, in one hour, the task he had me come in three hours early for. i am braving sanded drywall, an air conditioner w/ no freaking filter, and industrial latex paint in order to file his personal tax records in a box i'd rather crawl into and go to sleep in.

what does make my day quite happy though, is the thought of receiving my newest toy:

undead chinamen by yatsu

it's called a kyonshi. well, that's the japanese word for it. it's a chinese hopping corpse. in japan, they wear shabby robes and carry their souls around in a lantern, but in china, apparently, they just hop around and sometimes save people and sometimes do spooky things. they're not necessarily evil. not in japan, either. i read a myth where a chap's life was saved by one of them. it scared him away from his own house, which was then struck by lightening and destroyed. such a cute little chap! i'm getting it from a creepy little store called strapya. it's kind of a disturbing place, but i've ordered from them before, so i'm feeling alright about it. i've got a takeda shingen strap and a pair of geta. they both rock. now i'll have a cute little undead chinaman too! yay!

now if only i could get the fuck out of this office. preferably before i get myself fired for insubordination.

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evil powers

Mon May 8, 2006, 12:22 PM

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to complain to you today about work.

my brother has evil powers. he has evil powers of making-me-go-to-work-early. every time he and dad come back from chicago, i end up hearing those dreadful words, "so meredeth... do you think you can come in early tomorrow? say... about ten o clock?" [HELL no, would be the answer, by the way, if this world had ANY kind of justice.] yeah, they're coming back. so of course, what words did i just hear? yeah, you guessed it. only, since michael and dad are back for almost a whole week instead of just a weekend, the universe figured, why only ONE day early? why not two? thus i shall be working early not only tomorrow, but wednesday as well. fuck? that. the only saving grace is that i can seriously use the extra money. not only did today's visit to the doctor [dr matthews: "things still cruising?" "yup." "alright then, here's your scripts. ciao." "thanks. ciao."] cost nearly $60 [yeah, no insurance, thank you muchly.], not only will i be needing both my inhalors here before long [albuterol: $25, advair: $200. some things are priceless, for everything else there's bankruptcy court.], but w/ gas prices as scary as they are, i'm thinking seriously about getting a vespa. those are those adorable little italian motor scooters for those of you not in the know. vespa means wasp in italian. i want one badly. have, too, for a long time. the one i want is the PX150, which has a 150cc engine, meaning it can do about 59mph max. not enough for the highway, but more than enough for getting to work and back every day. the PX150 also gets nearly 60 miles to the gallon. with a 2.1 gallon tank, at 12 miles a day round trip, that's one fill-up every 10 days. so if i only drive it to work, that's only 5 days a week. even at $3/gallon, that's only $6.30 every two weeks, effectively HALVING my gas consumption. and looking completely adorable and stylish and european while doing so, i might add. the vespa PX150 is $4200 currently at the vespa place downtown. they have a special going right now, $350 off the 2005 models, making them *maths maths maths* $3850. if i can work up $500 worth of downpayment [i'm thinking two months of bare minimum spending :cry:], that's $3350. my credit's not the best, but if i can go three years financing, even w/ some nasty ugly interest rate, the payments should be under $100/month. COMPLETELY DO-ABLE! of course, it means no fancy new phone, and probably not NEARLY the amount of new games i want, but that's where my brother's evil powers come back into the picture, see. he's a staff reviewer over at, and so he ends up buying basically every new game that even looks remotely awesome. then he passes em on to me! yay!

oo! speaking of good news. i'd almost forgotten this happy little tidbit. i'm going back to class in the fall! yaaay! i got my financial aid award letter from them the other day. [actually, two copies of the same bloody letter, mailed in seperate envelopes, the barmy lot.] two grants. yay! not even a single loan to be found! yay! ...especially since my current school loans total enough to make montly payments over $250. thank god for deferrments. i'm going to get a degree in PC building. i figure since i can already do most of that stuff w/out the schooling, it should be easy, and i can get outta there w/ a degree and maybe some ACTUAL job prospects w/out too much bother. then i can start paying down my debt and saving up for my eventual goal: a degree in japanese and a career change to international translator! woo!

ah, goals. they'd be so much easier to acheive if i had actual money. damned poorness. fuck, as they say, that.

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Fri Apr 7, 2006, 12:07 PM

aozora no shita de~ bokura wa sukoshi dake obieteita~
shall i continue? i can, you know, if you want. ---you don't?


just wanted to show up and share my GLEE at having finally AT LAST received my replacement zen from creative labs. it was actually gone less than their estimated 2 weeks, but every day was filled w/ whining and bitching and moaning from yatsu-san at being bereft of her mp3 player. she had to use yoboseiyo's microphoto. which was alright, but i felt a little empty not having FOURTY GIGS worth of music RIGHT THERE IN THE PALM OF MY HAND at all times. te no hira. that's japanese for palm of the hand. ... also i wanted to assure all you psycos out there who haven't been commenting on my fiction either coz a) you thought it sucked or b) you're one of those crazies who like visual art ;P , i want to assure you that i am working on something you can actually hold in your hands, i.e. a doll, it's just taking a while. it's 18" tall, and it's slightly life-like, plus it's my first time making something like this, so ... just be patient you eye-candy-addicts, i promise i'll actually post something other than a journal. ... eventually ... for now however, i shall tune into the bliss that is the creative zen touch 40 gig model.

edit: oh em gee! how could i have forgotten LostCauseMagazine? go, RIGHT NOW, and check out vol 3. 176 pages of literary happiness! ~but... i haven't even finished vol 2!~

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as a hatter

Fri Mar 31, 2006, 12:50 PM

... don't know and have no opinion ...


ahem. okay. i was listening to that on the way to work and now it's stuck in my head. that song always makes me smile though. good to see gacchan happy. ... or at least not in the violent throes of depression.

anyhow, i'm at work, and there's nothing else to do but the file cabinets, so i thought i'd compose my Ode to March Madness. oh! speaking of odes to things, i know probably i'm like the last otaku on the planet not to have seen neon genesis all the way through, but i'm just now seeing it, and i just want to point out for all you better-informed otakus: KAAAOOORUUU!!! also: the fuck just happened? and: who invited kurosawa to the party?

so, ... ... ... ...
GODDAMN PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT!!! although, that guy who just came in for a quote was cute. and he was swiss, too. and he's apparently studying mechanical engineering. i'm starting to think OSU has a kick-ass engineering program, because it seems every international student we get up here is studying engineering of some kind. of course, they're usually chinese. swiss was a nice change. simone. luca. cool names. his last name, which i suppose i shant record here, was alright, too.

ah, yes, my ode to march madness!

ye did keepeth me from sleep,
and also from my gameboy,
my translation work sitteth idly by
whilst i slaved for you night and day.

--ok, we're gonna stop here.  firstly because it SUCKS, but also because i don't know where they HELL the old school british came from. probably too much reading of geoffrey chaucer's blogge.

anyhoo. i suggested that this update might have something to do w/, and so i won't leave you disappointed. i have designated the next couple of months edit months, during which i will be taking the Red Pen of DOOM once again to my march madness tales. after they agree to settle down and stop sucking cheese, i will put them in a book and sell them on lulu! i know the first story won't be in there, and unless something drastic happens w/ that key, that won't be in there either, but jonathan, and faoil and galen, and the fur-clad scholar, everybody else'll be in there for your reading enjoyment. ... but it's gonna be a couple months away, so don't get out your pocketbook quite yet. [was anybody actually getting out their pocketbooks? does anybody even say pocketbook anymore?]

simultaneously, i will be getting back into the translation swing of things. as you see above, i have been trying to read a new textbook. the first two lessons were very good -i learned a new word machiawase, which means appointment- and then the third came along and destroyed my will to survive. but i recovered! [i got bettah~] the other thing i'm "reading" is the first of eight kino's journey novels. well... short story collections, i suppose, but they're all about kino and her motorrad hermes. there's an anime of them, which is currently rocking my socks off. so i'm translating the novels. i did the prologue last night, and after a few little hiccups, it turned out alright. so tonight, i'm starting on the first story, (i think) hito no itami wo wakareru no kuni, which in english was called the land of visible pain. so that should be a lot of fun. it's not really my material, and it's probably not qualifiable as art, my own personal opinions aside, so you probably won't see it on dA, but /shrug/. my personal web site's down at the moment, so i've really no where else to post it. i don't know. if anybody besides my siblings wants to read it, maybe i'll find someplace to put it up.

incidently, has anyone out there got a pair of cufflinks i can borrow?

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