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apart from the official reissues of halfwayaroundthesun and the full circle, i recently updated the installers of some other old packs.

-the full circle nov 11, 2001 (classic installer /w intro)
-the missing suitcase may 06, 2002
-thirteen jun 02, 2002
-full circle remixes jul 02, 2002 (classic installer /w intro)
-Heimcomputer jul 02, 2002
-hybrids 720° oct 21, 2002
-God Jul IKEA dec 12, 2002
-remixes jan 02, 2003

i tried to preserve the look of the original installers as good as possible, but all of them use the latest and greatest pimpbot. in the next days and weeks, i might update some more of them packs, but the priority has clearly been on these big ones.
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-seconds may 14, 2002
-rejerked jul 17, 2002
-seasons dec 12, 2002
-seasons remixed pt. 1 dec 26, 2002
-seasons remixed pt. 2 dec 26, 2002