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with some changes in my release-queue, i can present you a collection of thirteen presets i've been creating in the last half year.

some presets were available in the highly limited minipack deinstallations (april 2002) and deinstallations 2 (may 2002), presets marking my break-up with the concept of the installation series. further you get some remixes i made for s_kupers and peepingdan, variations of previously released presets and some all new stuff.

obviously the interleave effect was my favorite lately, also tried to cut down the perspective into something completely 2-dimensional.

there's another release scheduled for later this month, being a conceptual pack (won't tell more). the release of thirteen also means, that the next big pack will be delayed, probably following an all new idea.
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sygninProfessional Digital Artist
trippy.... :)
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its cool to see people like nemorange and el-vis giving these presets a rap, those dudes r sick at it! hahah peace out
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Very nice design, really eye soothing
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
Of course stylish and personally expressive as usual. And while they do somewhat resemble your other presets, there are definite variations. Absinth and Sternfrucht are my faves man. Gonna do another full circle thing? That was fun, I'd be game if so, contact me ;) (Wink)
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Some seriously cool presets here - like el-vis says they are wicked for projection, fast and smooth making them great for mixing... all I can say is this is the end of a great style.


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Great beat response. Lovely presets. :D (Big Grin)
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CRAZY...and with good beat detection. Really love them. Especially great for projection.
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Well, Comrade does have a point. I think there's a time when artists have to move on with their style & create new ideas. Obviously, Yat's going for that since in the Deviation description he says how he's ending the 'installations' feel.

So no worries. Good stuff as always.
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Coments from guys like comradenash make me go a big rubbery one. I'm sure you guys wanted to know that.

This pack is incredible. All of your stuff OOzes with style yathosho, you are one of the greats.

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peepingdan Digital Artist
you forgot to gimme credit on "Fandango"
Anyways, I love the colors and beat detection... my favorite parts of AVS.
You are so brilliant.
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lol bruxo :) (Smile)

your style is so unique. great pack Thumbs Up
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Oh my! It looks like those Winamp's idiot comments are coming to Deviantart.
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da16xHobbyist General Artist
- Very Good Didn't Like Your Prev Az Much Az Thizz One :) (Smile)
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Style man, style! You got it!
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ummmm im wondering why you are considered great when every single preset you've ever made looks exactly the same....

interleave was good and different, and korea was decent, but they all look exactly the same as the stuff you made like a year ago....
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great!!!! nothing but pure beats...

Are you going to release a one and a half way round the sun or something like it?
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oooooooh jan these are great! i love absinthe and milch so much.

thank you for these. =]
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Yeah, another one from Yathosho. I'm glad you released Sternfrucht. It's my favourite from this pack and from Deinstallations.

And when will you do something with my remixes?
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