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January 19, 2001
the full circle by ^yathosho is a HUGE collection of AVS presets. Including 56 original presets and 56 remixed presets, they include to many styles to mention. That's a total of 112 presets done in one deviation! Included is also a very nifty installer that makes it easy for everyone to install these presets. If you're an AVS collector, then THIS is your ticket to paradise. Enjoy.
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the full circle



after some delays and a lot of changes, the follow-up to halfwayaroundthesun is finally out. originally planned as a tryptichon (creation, variation and reinterpretation), the final version is divided into two parts. with 56 original presets and 56 remixes and variations you get an overall of 112 presets. the advanced installer will make it easy for newbies to setup the included presets (make sure you have the latest version of avs running!).

page one not only reflects my work of the last six months, the package will also give you an insight of the development i have made in that time. each preset is somehow connected to its successor/predecessor and you will be able to categorize each presets into various series (mathmos, iooi, cubistic etc.).

page two consists of selfmade variations and skillful reinterpretations from artists such as el-vis, nemoorange, unconed, avs-king, horse-fly, tonic, jay-fatboy, t-k, n{ix}a, little buddy and evilrice. i want to take the opportunity and thank them once again for their great work.

december 2011: installer updated, using pimpbot
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