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the full circle

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Published: November 12, 2001
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after some delays and a lot of changes, the follow-up to halfwayaroundthesun is finally out. originally planned as a tryptichon (creation, variation and reinterpretation), the final version is divided into two parts. with 56 original presets and 56 remixes and variations you get an overall of 112 presets. the advanced installer will make it easy for newbies to setup the included presets (make sure you have the latest version of avs running!).

page one not only reflects my work of the last six months, the package will also give you an insight of the development i have made in that time. each preset is somehow connected to its successor/predecessor and you will be able to categorize each presets into various series (mathmos, iooi, cubistic etc.).

page two consists of selfmade variations and skillful reinterpretations from artists such as el-vis, nemoorange, unconed, avs-king, horse-fly, tonic, jay-fatboy, t-k, n{ix}a, little buddy and evilrice. i want to take the opportunity and thank them once again for their great work.

december 2011: installer updated, using pimpbot
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MetellaStellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
What are AVS?
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If you can read this, thank a teacher!
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MetellaStellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah thanks, the search kept giving me random abbreviations like Address Verification System. 
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its been so long since this was submitted to deviantart.
it was the first pack i downloded.
there you go.
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Most downloaded pack :p
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Never saw these!

Great stuff! :)
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dang, this is annoying not having winamp installed at the moment. Trust me dude, i will get it a.s.a.p and im sure i will come back and +fav it. after seing ~jaak's and now your AVS.. stunning. ill be back :ninja:
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Realy nice. But how do I uninstall them?? You can't use your other effects in random mode, just your's. But hey they are realy cool. It's just that I ahd to reinstall my winamp to get rid of them. Thene I just copied them into another folder. So I still have them.
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well change or disable the cycle mode in the avs settings
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I've tried that too butt with no result.
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I would've say something but I can't download.
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ahh.. my message center told me that this was a new dev... ahh
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peepingdan Digital Artist
whoops, I commented on the wrong window!
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peepingdan Digital Artist
you didnt give me credit for the original preset to "fandango" =) (Smile)
The pack is the most amazing pack from you ever. Each preset is more responsive and wonderful frrom the last!
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very lame how u made it automatically switch to your presets and cycle through them. however, most are very pretty.

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oh wow..... ich bin sprachlos! weiter so!!

-tHraHorns N-
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the most commented-on avs pack ever...

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awesome work compilling all of those presets. i think if you do anymore of these...i'll remix more than 3 or 4 :) (Smile) i love seein' what everyone does with your presets as bases. it's amazing to see all the different ideas. the BEST preset pack so far. great work with the intro too, that's really really cool. very professional looking. keep it up man!

30 Helens agree.
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Spiral out, keep going
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i can't feel my face.....

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downloaded this last night and spent an hour or more looking at them all
i love it =D (Big Grin) beautiful work

http://www.thegrue.com/files/users/satur n/web
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