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although i did not plan to release a follow up to since then [link] i was quite busy and put together a couple of new presets (not all contained). with konzentrik you'll find my first own movement, the preset itself was the basis of my previously released kirscharoma. beside the older presets helianto and aztec iooi, the new presets are rather lazy, just like the music i listened to when i created those. in the sixties-influenced sensorama and substanz i used el-vis' dynamic movements as basis and altered them to fit. both are the last ones being based on the iooi-series (i found out iooi wouldnt run as desired on higher resolutions). when i got real sick of all those organic presets (and i mean sick, physically!) i started creating the two abstraktion presets, somehow a hommage to italian (product-)design from the sixties, simple but colorful.

maybe it'd be nice to see your interpretations of the presets contained in both parts of since then. send me your remixes and reinterpretations and i might compile a remix-pack.
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oh! and btw, i like this screen shot ... the orange with the fuschia makes for a hot shot!

Reality is a constant source of pain -- Anaïs Nin
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oh! clumsy me for not reading the software column with a description of avs ... so now if i only used windows ... i dunno if these presets would work on winamp under linux

Reality is a constant source of pain -- Anaïs Nin
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Great re-release or whatever. You're style is evident more than ever in presets like Sensorama Eins or Aztec IOOI. Nice response, especially on Aztec. Innovations like Abstraction Eins/Swei just grab your eyes & take 'em for a ride. I love how Yathosho has so many tricks up his sleave.