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twelve remixes made in the last 5 months. the pack captures all the techniques i used in 2002, newly arranged, all unreleased presets.

alpenveilchen v.i.p. - originally included in the el-vis tribute-pack, special vip mix

clownfish deinstallation - the installation series revisited one last time, remixing avs-king

grater - kinda difficult to remix tonic, this is more about texture and patterns than responsiveness

lichtkörper - the first time i came up with that rgb-effect, remixing a preset of t-k

microcosm v.i.p. - previously available in two flavours, this is an exclusive version of degnic remixed

mitosis v.i.p. - combining two independent presets in a special edition, this one belongs to jdm

multivitamin - nemoorange's remix for el-vis re-arranged

origami - the first remix i did for this pack, deconstructing a preset originally made by duo

photek - maybe an unusual style for me, remixing s_kupers

polaris 2 - hmm, remixing myself, the follow-up to polaris from the fcx pack

sector movements - remixing tuggummi was maybe the hardest task, came up with this 'broken frame' style, as seen in the seasons packs

spektrum - similar effect as in lichkörper, but i definitely wanted to remix pishiru

alright, i think that's enough details for everyone. enjoy this pack and a happy new year!
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Jan,do you now,that using OTHERS DM is Very bad...BUT YOUR AVS IS STILL FUCKING COOL!!! :-) (Smile) ;-) (Wink) :) (Smile)
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I somehow missed these. Good stuff.
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Nice remixes you got here yathosho, my faves go as far as: grater (tonic remixed) (makes my eyes spin and has a feeling of a optical illusion, great desing!) , lichtkörper (t-k remixed) (the colors and the glow are really something! Good use of the scatter effect) , mitosis vip (jdm remixed) (love the pattern and the translucent look of it) , multivitamin (nemoorange remixed) (great colors and the smoothness of it is really something i like).

And you really did reconstruct my star travel preset :) (Smile) And i have heard that saying before "it's hard to remix tuggummi" , but why? Is there something in my presets? ;) (Wink)

Some nice remix presets and the way you yathoshonize presets is really original in the field of avs.

Good work Clap
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Great stuff here Jan. clownfish deinstallation and microcosm V.I.P are my absolut faves but they're all great !
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jan, your presets are always amazing. This is no exception. I could literally sit here all day and tell you how outstanding your work is. As always, it is original and completely stylish.

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Nice remixes, I really liked them. My favourites were clownfish deinstallation, mitosis v.i.p. and photek...
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
Microcosm was my fave of them, but they're all pretty nice. And you stole my thunder!
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Great work :) (Smile)
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drahomiraProfessional Digital Artist
very nice work!.. my favorite preset is "clownfish deinstallation" . :thumbusp:
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