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against the decision to stop creating presets, i put together this selection of 10 presets. it's basically the same effect in different compositions and colors.

i decided to call this pack installations, since i don't look at it as presets in common sense. response to music was less important, instead i wanted to create emotions. if i had a beamer, i'd project it in my appartement all day, comparable to a beautiful furniture.
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Ooh, nice! :D
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Ha, look at all the photo people that get brung in with Yat's stuff.

Anyway, this is some great AVS. I was stunned on how you got that effect. & it's blended beautifully for use with the DynMove, excellent stuff.
The colors & compositions are nothing short of top-notch. Once again, Yat shows us AVS artists that you don't need to know the math, just have to be creative. Beautiful work here, some of my fav stuff from you.
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Ooh, definitely incredible use of colours that make me wanna cream my panties hehe :D (Big Grin)
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you know i love this? yes. i sure do.

Horns raaaaaaaaaah Horns
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That has just the right touch.

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hesitationHobbyist Photographer
looks great to me :D (Big Grin)

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss
Dori me. Interimo adapare dori me.
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
Great use of color blends in these, the only thing is that since a couple are so blended (that is a lack of definite edges, boundaries) it makes it hard to watch too long cause your eyes start to pop out of your head. If it were still, (as in art) this wouldn't be a problem. Since you stated yourself that beat detection wasn't so important to you in the creation of these, why not just slow down the movement a bit, or maybe make it less pronounced? Just a suggestion.

Over all though, great colors/use of space/designs.


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weeee! You like the powerpuff girls? I have colouring book pages of them stuck on my walls! Love this first design. :) (Smile)
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I can't help but love your stuff, I was practically born around modern art. I can imagine a gallery lined with 17" computer monitors (high speed of course) blasting your work full screen. This stuff is like parts of a living being.

This one better get some DL's fast (ps, download some of my stuff too!!)

Suh Ma Dee
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