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my latest installment hybrids is a collection of over 20 presets, created within the last 2 months, some of them being available before. it's probably obvious since it's in the name of the pack, hybrids includes two versions of each preset.

abstractfunk - remixes from s_kupers and me, original preset contained in full circle remixes

dpi - previously submitted to the black+white contest here on deviantart

halogen - moving plasticstyle preset, based on schema

horizons - made in belgium, based on stream

les fleurs/sugar, spice and everything nice - brings back the look of the cosmic series

microcosm - two remixes of the preset retrowall by degnic

molekyl - nemoorange's bloodlines remixed

skogsklocka - previously available in my IKEA minipack, now available in a second flavor

tischdeckenmikrostruktur - based on fabry's moronotik dots

untitled - two organic presets,

you might notice, that some of these were previously available in a pack called another thirteen, a pack i deleted for various reasons.

NOTE: the installer detects the winamp 3 directory by default, but also works with prior versions of winamp, so don't worry!
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This is ultra cool!
PEACE :peace:
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wow... awesome
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jherikoProfessional Digital Artist
Pretty cool, I especially liked the untitled ones and dpi (even tho' i've seen them before). Good work!
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
The last abstractfunk presets are great, a decent overall pak ;) (Wink)
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Hey it looks intersting i will dl now and comment later...
Don't have time now
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The new installer is great and I really like the presets. Halogen series, Les Fleurs, Everything nice and spice (or something like that) and the Untitled series are my favourites...

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sweet, just sweet,
(like the new installer also)
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