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11 years after the release of my first pack halfwayaroundthesun, here is one last pack: gesamtwerk, the complete works 2001-2011. if all went well, this contains all my previous packs (with the exception of IKEA 2 which got lost), as well as some unfinished projects.

some packs are included in different editions, nothing was edited (not even the embarrassing typos) or removed. thanks to ~skupers and ~da16x i even came across some packs i didn't remember making.

the download includes three files and you can decide how you want to install this pack:

1. grouped by release-year
2. grouped by the type of pack
3. or old-fashioned, altogether in one folder

it is recommended to use pimpbot runtime to install these, otherwise you can always use 7-zip to extract the files.

made in avstria. enjoy!

if you never heard about avs, watch these videos or learn how to install it on your computer!
© 2012 - 2021 yathosho
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thank you for this... a zillion times over. now that i am not so concerned with making presets, i can sit back and enjoy them.
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a crazy amount of presets, (almost) all of them candy to the eye.
i would like to say, that i remember, you were the first guy, who remixed one of my presets (i think it was venmia from s02) you were a huge inspiration, i've really enjoyed the time spent on the collaborations and just talking in general.
thanks for all the great moments!
(oh, and the reason i don't keep in touch is because my msn died on me, but will fix that tomorrow...)
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In case I haven't already said this: I'm a big fan of your work and it has been a great inspiration for me, in AVS and beyond. I probably wouldn't have gotten into AVS (or even developed an interest in design or art for that matter) if it weren't for the stuff you were doing back in 2003. For this I truly thank you. Cheers on this monumental release!
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you just fncked with my night, congrats! now I won't sleep until see all the presets (+1600???)

now seriously, congratulations. Ten years, ten f# years. Much respect, man.
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10 years of blood, sweat and tears for 'just' one 1.9 MB file... unbelievable, really.
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i'm disappointed, i expected a review for every preset in the pack ;)
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here goes:

Every preset in the pack is unlike any other preset out there.. =P
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Hm wenn I have time for this, i will download the whole pack and won't leave the room for 48 hours!

But until then I just say - you're a great illustrator. I really like the cover Image! If presets could be delivered on Vinyl - I would order the whole pack!

also: what happened to ? The old design was really exceptional.
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thanks, i'm quite happy about the illustration. to me it's the best part of this ;)

about, something really stupid happenend and we wanted to setup a new website anyways. hope this will happen sometime this year!
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