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full circle remixes

By yathosho
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almost six months after the release of the original, the full circle returns with a setup of 40 remixes.

having compiled a couple of remixes before, i decided to make it a full-range package. beside 20 new interpretations by myself, artists such as zen-x, skupers, duo, degnic and avs-ike remixed another 20 presets.

the newly configured installer should make it very easy to setup these, unless you don't have the latest version of AVS running (get it with the latest winamp).

ALSO CHECK Heimcomputer
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wow, very nicely done!! you need to get this all!
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jibrilleHobbyist General Artist
Hot stuff, very nifty!

Not spam, psh it so was ;) (Wink)
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The Master's style, more creative than ever. A truly avs's show!
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these presets kick major ass and that intro is too cool.
great job yathosho, and everyone else who remixed :D (Big Grin) +fav
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da16xHobbyist General Artist
- Oh Really Nice Artistz Comboz :) (Smile)
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se55 Filmographer
holy crap, that's cool as hell!!!! Great Job! :wink:
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Great presets and remixes. I loved the intro. Really cool. And I'm in there too!

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matteoProfessional Interface Designer
very nice, definitely a keeper :) (Smile)
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Thumbs Up i hoped that worked :) (Smile)
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
Always great to see a collaboration between many artists! Jan, some of your remixes are very nice, love the Hospitals and the grayscale gradient look of Octopus and the combination of others' effects in Pleasure (but I hate the color ;) (Wink) )

Everyone else's remixes are fabulous as well, excellent work everyone!

The intro rocked also.
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yaaaaaaaay!! more fullcircle!

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this is the first pack ive done with other people.

almost every preset in this pack is awsome

and i liked the intro after installer completed
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Haven't seen anything like it yet, especially the installer. I haven't had many presets with this solid style until now, either. Looks pretty damn good, though. I think I'm keepng this. :-) (Smile)
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most-excellent follow up. goes nicely with my progressive music.
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slick installerflash :p (Lick)
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