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final cut

By yathosho
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so here it is, my final pack. you will say you heard that one before, but it's not quite like that. when i released the great escape, there were still a couple of unfinished projects i wanted to complete, compilations and packs i don't consider major packs - or albums, to speak in music terms. there were a bunch of EPs and a bunch of compilations. many of them were planned, some weren't (i.e. the modus operandi series), other never saw the light of day (in treatment 3).

working on these projects, the creation of new presets, the presets in this pack, were inevitable. you have seen some of them before, scattered over compilations and EPs - but it was always clear they were connected somehow, which is why you see them collected in this pack - the final pack.

so, am i really getting divorced from avs? yes and no! there is still a EP with remixes to be released next month, maybe a compilation of some of my older presets in summer, and one or the other single preset that will appear in future visbot compilations.

will i stop avs? i definitely plan to, though there might be an occasional remix from me - but no big projects are planned. when i look at the presets in this pack, some of these are as old as 2006 and the newest dates back to september 2009. i have been doing this for 10 years and i can see the end of the road. partly due to the missing scene around avs and its good old days of (positive) competition, partly because i'm simply bored of it.

but don't worry, i will stick around maintaining visbot and the avs archive. i will still be around on icq (and the likes), facebook and even drop by on deviantart now and then. if you want to reach me, you know where to find me.

alright, i'm stopping already. don't let the amount of text get you too excited - there are only 10 presets in the pack. nothing spectacular, just some classic yathosho style. love it or leave it!

i'm not really interested in remixes, but if you can't help yourself you may use the edits as basis!

if you never heard about avs, watch these videos or learn how to install it on your computer!
© 2010 - 2021 yathosho
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Sad you leave...
AVS has lost another of its member (a special member i'd say)
even if we had some fall out (i know, partly my fault =P), you're and you'll be, the one of most important AVSer of the scene...
Ok, i said that...
so i'd say goodbye? :(
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My God...only now i've seen this,my friend it's been a pleasure seeing your different and original work back in the days,when we were all just chasing after the amazing 3D calculations Unconed and El-vis gave us,and soo many others each and his own style,was fun time for me but AVS time was over long ago i guess...Keep on Rockin in the free World! :headbang:
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off keys - i think i've seen this pattern before... nonetheless it still works,esp with krautrockish music. dig the color change
domino - would like great projected, but it doesn't work well in a tiny window
pillow fight - oh yeah baby, excellent preset :) love the shapes and the colors
birds - another fav, itriguing shapes, good music response
vertigo - some echoes of yr thirteen pack here. very summery, overall really nice preset.
sail away 2.0 - dope, reminiscent of yr brokenframe pack. another great preset.
bebop - never dug this era of yours, again would look great as a projection, however kinda dull in low res.
warm - elegant. kleinegiraffe?
modular - nice, i would've used more interesting colors tho. contender for a remix in the future.
sokoban - great colors, fresh design, love it!

secretly i've hoped some of the old-timers would pop up to comment on this pack, however it looks like that is not happening.

in a nutshell, this is a great pack and a worthy end to a great career.
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:bulletblack: 01 yathosho - off keys
not my favourite version of it, but still a nice movement :)
:bulletblack: 02 yathosho - domino
heavy metal yathosho =P too hard from close up but a bit nicer from further away.
:bulletblack: 03 yathosho - pillow fight
this is one nice preset. excellent colours (although i think my laptop monitor must be raping them...) and i like those line effects - using them often enough myself :)
:bulletblack: 04 yathosho - birds
i'm indifferent to this one...
:bulletblack: 05 yathosho - vertigo
but i love this one - definitely going to my favourites folder. it reminds me of one of the first avs-presets i really loved, zamuz - flower abstraction from the facelifts pack. if only it wouldn't flash so hard... i slowed the speed of the colourmap a tiny bit, now it's more bearable, at the cost of some greyish parts during the crossfade. :P
:bulletblack: 06 yathosho - sail away 2.0
same as birds basically, not really a fan of the colours here, they worked better for me when zamuz remixed it. but the movement is nice actually. *stares*
:bulletblack: 07 yathosho - bebop
better than domino imo. simpler, more interesting colours. yeah... nice :)
:bulletblack: 08 yathosho - warm
works nice, maybe a brighter yellow would've been nice.
:bulletblack: 09 yathosho - modular
i still love it, although not quite as much as kyoto.
:bulletblack: 10 yathosho - sokoban
my second favourite after vertigo. a classic that doesn't get old, now-with-better-colours(TM)

a very professional-looking way to go out. i may or may not like one preset, but every one of these - despite looking simple - is nicely and thoughtfully done.
and thanks for vertigo and everything else you've done for the scene. :)

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Sad to see you leave, but I understand. The simple fact that you only received two comments in total (here and dA) back up your motive.

Well, I think I'm at the same point you are. I've been here for well over 7 years, and working with AVS for a decade. I think it's safe to say that there's no real hope for a good community left. I also gave up the hope for WFC9 a long time ago.

Speaking of the WFC project reminds me of how WFC1 started: when we did mattfury's flamepack2, I stated that the community was falling apart. The different WFC's gave temporary boosts, but the community as a whole was dead in it's core. Even if (hope is lost there, too) Fridge ever sees the light of day, there won't be the community to push it to the foreground that AVS had.

Thanks for being around and don't hesitate to keep lurking ;). You were one of the few who really cared about this and a stable factor in all this.
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great - yes really great pack. If you wanna stop - stop here!

You had a lot of so-la-la visuals floating around in the latest releases.

But this is great.
my favourite is pillow fight i guess. clear shapes, simple movements - decent colors. love that!

maybe i'll try a remix sometime.
happy retirement time yathosho ;-)
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