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this is my latest conceptual work, which might be against the original ideas of advanced visualization studio. i've been dealing with 80s computer aesthetics and ascii art for quite some time now, and finally i can present a collection of over 20 presets put together by daftcunt and myself.

runs in 320*200. think different.

ALSO CHECK full circle remixes
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this one messed up my preset switching... any idea how to fix it?
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winamp preferences\plugins\auto execute
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outrageous good!
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Ahhh, the good old days are back....
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da16xHobbyist General Artist
- Very cOOl +fav :) (Smile)
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yeah this is pretty cool, i dont use the visulations much on my winamp though
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Wow great idea. I like experimental things (avs or music). Tetris and [link] are great. Nice idea...

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ah jeez.... awesome pack.. +fav just for tetris!!!! on nin10do, i was kinda hoping to see mar-E-O jump around and stomp mush-RUuMS, i don't want to get nintendo after my ass either :) (Smile)
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
First of all, when the splash screen comes on for the install with the little beep, haha, awesome, sounds like the coin noise from super mario bros.

The presets were impressive in the text animation, must have taken forever to do all that. As far as pretty, the presets are not my taste (except for the remix, that one was pretty nice). Great technical and originallity merit, not into the visuals though.

Later man ;) (Wink)

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ooooooooh nice!
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these are completey awsome. i loved tetris. one problem tho, and i dont knwo why, but for some reason, on my computer, when you have a text set at replace, it clears the screen and puts the text.

but i fixed it by setting all text to additive blend. and i know it doesn't do this at my friends house and we both got the newest avs, so i have no idea why it does that to me
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maybe a couple of words from me at this point.

first of all i wanna thank my fans, toniq and daftcunt. good support.

this is a kinda weird pack as you have might noticed. when i was ready to release this pack, i realized that there isnt a real thread through this pack. there a a couple of mismatching presets, and 2 or 3 intros.

the preset in the \RECYCLED subfolder where the very first in the series, if you keep aside the dosprompt and the c64 preset in halfwayaroundthesun. bizarro was meant to be part of a tribute package to el-vis. the idea was to remix his presets, taking his dynmovs and using them for something absurd... bizarro!

then i was working on a scroller using my very first selfwritten dynmov (thanks to avs-king for the help). then i had a text scrolling like in those old c64 and amiga demos. i wanted to add rasterchars and starfields. all this old stuff. the dynmov wasnt capable of long texts, so i picked up the old render\txt idea. making animations with text.

a couple of presets:

interlaced? - incredible i think. a funny comment.
c64 - a classic, previously available in halfwayaroundthesun. true stuff.
cccp - funny stuff. i wanted to make text jump around. the c was so perfect. cccp. in this 80s hype!
cmyk - i'm telling a story here. i'm wondering if anybody else will ever get it.
blinkenlights - toniq was challenging me on the day before deadline. this was made in 25 mins. [link]
tetris - tetris was actually my remix on daftcunt's insert d**k preset. planned a 100k version of it. since pong got 300k, i thought it's not worth the effort anymore.
[link] - this is completely handmade. it comes with a couple of gadgets after *some* time. later a friend of mine wrote me a delphi tool, which i mostly used for the other scrollers and typewriters.

one last word on nin10do, it's a remix of pishiru's pokemon domain (i hope i'm correct here). i didnt ask for permission. sorry. guess it's cool with you. had to change the name for legal reasons too. nintendo sent a squad of lawyers after me.

this is something for true oldskool heads. cracked version of giana sisters, yay. you understand my feelings. get real with this [link]

thanks to my uk head zen-x, who was so kind to remix my stuff from the full circle. that was right after his good-bye from the scene. i love you!
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Wow, this is a true work of art!
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can't get the smile out of my face seeing this ..
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