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it's not that i'm getting worse, i'm just submitting old photos. during holidays i cant develop films plus my scanner is inoperable at the moment... i'm kinda doomed.

anyhow, this is the heiliggeistkirche in heidelberg/germany. very unusual photo if you know the location, it should be stuffed with tourists from japan and the u.s. all the time. think i made this photo in february 2000. used my nikon f100 with a 20mm/1.2 lens.
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that's the greatest shot of the heiliggeist-kirche i've ever seen. i'm born and i live in heidelberg and see that church very often, but that's a cool sight you choose. yeah, and also the mc donald's is on that photography :D
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Heili-WHAT? This is a really nice photograph. It works really well in black and white.

(¯`·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.·• blueNINE
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man that's an amazing shot..

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Gorgeous photograph!
I love the ground view on this one.

Although it reminds me of one of those Belgian churches :) (Smile)

Good job.

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hey i remember that fountain! LOL anyway, the angle's cool, and this photo really brings back memories. i can name all the shops in that pic and the one's on the surrounding streets. but there's not that many tourists on a winter's morning. oh and by the way, us Americans aren't tourists. some of us live there. but anyway, i need to stop rambling. good picture! :) (Smile)

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i agree with deviot, europe has the best architecture of its kind.

i love the early 20th century german type buildings, like the white ones on the right here. very good photo as well.

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now way! that's a sweet picture. the two buildings on the outside seeme to "lean" in towards the middle building. weird.

The Lamb of God
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bw is your gig. i believe european architecture is some of the finest in the world. for that you are a lucky photographer! i wouldn't say your getting worse - nice work,

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