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mmh, landscape section is still missing for photography, but i asked jark a hundred times to add more of them... with no result. well, this photo i made on my way home from heidelberg to my old homecity, when i was riding on my bikes over the fields. this acre is partly covered white plastic canvas.
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el-vis has a cool icon.

:D (Big Grin)

the photograph is great. you have an eye for good composition. it moves.

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A really good one. On the first look it is totally abstract but then after a while you get what is on this picture and that it is kind of more than reallistic.

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Initially i thought 'No way this is a landscape! If it is, it's gotta be manipulated.' ;) (Wink) Then i read through the description and saw that it was partially covered in plastic, which made me go 'ahaaa...' :D (Big Grin)

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