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Mermaid Zodiac Series: Aquarius

Location  space and stars
Happy birthday to all Aquarians!! 

My dad and older brother are both Aquarians and though at times they are a little out there I love them both a lot! 

This piece went through many variations before I landed on this pose. You can see my exploration fo poses on my Instagram account. 

 In the background I've added the Aquarian constellation. one of the stars is shining where the water is coming out of the vase:)

The birthstone, Amethyst, is featured on the mermaids necklace. I tried giving her earrings but it didn't look as good, I'm terrible at drawing jewelry:P

Thank you for checking out my artwork. If you're interested in staying up to date on my latest projects and WIPs there's no better place then my Instagram account:…

You can also buy this print at:…
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Fantastic as everything you do!!
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Hi! Yasu,

Mermaid Awuarius has been chosen for the Digital Freeway's Featured Gallery showcase.
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Congratulations from :iconthe-digital-freeway:

Amazing! I can't wait to see what you do for Libra and Scorpio :)

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Lovely work! I think a necklace on her works just fine :)
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Excellent as always. I absolutely LOVE your mermaid collection, some pieces, like this one, feel simply mystical.

mystically divine
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I'm not much into zodiac stuff, but this is estheticaly pleasing!
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Amazing! And absolutely stunning!
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Wow , that's awesome . Love the water effect  . That must have taken some time to draw :)
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Thank you! Yes, it did. Had to look up a lot of reference for that part:)

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Love the pose and all the swirly curves
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Nice.  :nod:

Are you planning to do one for Libra?
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Yes, I'm trying to do one a month. If my work doesn't stop me I'll have tho whole zodiac illustrated by the end of the year. Are you a Libra?

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Yeah.  I was born on the day Libra starts.  Maintaining balance is naturally a very important thing for me, and I don't like getting caught-up or sucked into the middle of others' disputes.
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Looks so incredible, love it!
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