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Guardian of Atlantis

Finally back with another mermaid piece:) I have fun with all my drawings but I really enjoyed working on this one. My favorites parts of this picture are her back muscles, hair, pillars and scales.

Another thing I've discovered is I'm allowed to take artistic liberties when it comes to art. Before I really wanted to stay true to the lighting underwater. But if you do that you end up with everything looking blue and weird. And visibility too, after 10 or 15 meters or so you lose visibility. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and if you want to stay up to date with all my art, follow me on Instagram. I update that much more frequently.…
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This whole picture is Awesome.

That gaze, the hair, the back muscles. love it all! :D :love: :clap: :clap:

Nice job! I like how you played around with the blue so much. Her I'm ready warrior of the sea gaze is AWESOME her body strength is undeniable. MORE, MORE,MORE:happybounce: 
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Thanks! So glad you like it:)
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Incredible! I love her expression and the detail on her tail!
OOH- sexy, exotic mermaid :). I love her curly hair! And all those scales! Super-awesome!
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Thanks so much! 
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I love her fins and hair! Fantastic work. I love how she looks so powerful and witchy and yet so young and playful. 
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Thanks Lizzy! Appreciate it! I wanted to show that there are powerful mermaids too:)
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Wow!! Yet another ever so beautiful mermaid from you!!  I agree: when drawing underwater scenes, I love seeing details as if the water is always crystal clear!  I’m I big fan of sexy mermaid tails like how you’ve drawn her’s...with the hint of a sexy butt underneath her scales. That looks just so gorgeous!! ;)  I’m always happy to see extra little fishy fins & fantastic looking scale details such as these...wonderful job!  Fingerwebs like ‘fish kiss,’ or ‘croc’ certainly would look nice, too!!  Your mermaids are certainly some of the loveliest here on dA!!!
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Thanks Sandcastler! I made a custom brush for the scales and it's made it a lot easier to render the mermaid's tail. 
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Oh, how clever!! Her scales look incredibly realistic as a result!!
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Beautiful pose, marvelous details, great palette and anatomy.  A Favorite!
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Thank you! I've been creating rough thumbnail sketches of my ideas before I move onto the final version of my art and I think it's helping me create better illustrations.
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