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We Kick The Butt

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Hey yassui,
this is a wonderful work of art. but the thing is, everyone keeps on stealing your art. I see it everywhere on google+. And this is just NOW I've found the original source. It's amazing!!
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Are they claiming it as there art on google+
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No, but it's still not giving permission.
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Yeah but people are allowd to post art on g+ even if it isnt theirs its ok as long as no one is clamming it
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I've seen tons of artists complain about their art being stolen, but no one ever claimed it. Even if Yassui doesn't get pissed, a lot of other people do.
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As long as the people reposting it are not claming it then its ok
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i may be responding to this a year after the fact but its not okay because a lot of artists dont want their stuff being reposted since more often than not they aren't credited, meaning that most people dont see the piece where the art was originally supported, thus meaning that they arent getting the support or attention they deserve
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I am now respnding to this 2 years later, and yet, it is NEVER okay to repost someone's art without their permission. Whether they claimed it their's or not, it was still republished without permission, therefore it is still stealing.

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This is awesome :) (Smile) 
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what happened to your tumblr?I was so sad when I checked it and it was gone!
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I love your style, it's so expressive.
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Smiling like an idiot cause of this in the middle of geometry class lol 
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Reminds me of the planet they were on in the episode "Stranded". Love the steam coming off his hands!
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I never watched the entire series, only a few episodes, and I already love it ;w;

Btw, nice job :D
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Love the color. How did you add that fog/ light effect on Starfire hand.
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They're an amazing team.
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They are so cutie
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Where in the world are you pulling out all this childhood from?!?!
//hugs picture
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Favorite comic book couple ever. Followed close by Batman and Catwoman.
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