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commission for Dhfkwldjs from FA that I forgot to upload here.
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What is he thinking about?
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Lucario is my favorte pokemon ever! AHH I LOVE IT <3
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Are you still posting your art anywhere?
I just discovered it and have to say, this is the cutest stuff I’ve ever seen!
I absolutely need to know!
Katy0167's avatar
I like it!:nod: Lucario IS one of the coolest pokemon out there...=D
knuckles999's avatar
I wonder what he is thinking about.......

Nice job by the way. :D
Kenzie9202000's avatar
shhhh he's thinking
AkureICAT's avatar
Glorystar12's avatar
*giggles* Lucario what's wrong?
Rafael-Linoone's avatar
Really cool!!! I love this Lucario ^///^ and Zipper too!!
CryptidMachine's avatar
Wow i love this so much
D685ab7f-pis's avatar
Lucario: What is the answer of one plus two?
bmah's avatar
A bigger 1! :D
D685ab7f-pis's avatar
Lucario: Oh....*write down "a bigger 1"*
Dinogirl69's avatar
Ack! 😵 *dead*

My weakness....cute lucario(s)

Do you do trades? :3
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Hnng i soooo need to commission you again!
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Oh look. Lucario is giving the face that every player of Pokemon has when they're trying to think of which pokemon to have in their group and what moves to teach them. XD
pokemaster9990's avatar
Shhhh, the master is working
Denuveus's avatar
This pikcha is adorable DEN OUTTA DEN
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