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The Falling Star

...that brought them together
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It explains everything...

IsidoraGrayson's avatar
I love IT ;^; And....¿wanna be Friends?
julian0123's avatar
Cool and awesome picture :D
shadamy20's avatar
I love the details and the style!!!
jmandina's avatar
Ugh I know you probably will never read this but I have to tell you how much I love this. I mean this is absolutely perfect. Great job.
dreamworkin's avatar
Loooooooveee this
jamesgunner123's avatar very cool...easily one of the best fan works I've seen for this show....great job!...=3
BrittyDee's avatar
I saw this on your tumblr, so awesome! :love: I absolutely adore your Teen Titans works!!
Jeriih's avatar
I want to watch this show again now..
SodaButt's avatar
Wow this is really awesome <3 I love how you portrayed the characters so well!!!
4KAI's avatar
<3 I love this show so much!! >w<
Electric-Raichu's avatar
ooh i never got to see that
PokemonMiaou's avatar
Teen Titans was the best, and now I really want to watch the entire show again. Thank you for bringing back the memories.
Etomo's avatar
I suddenly have a very strong urge to watch Teen Titans... I liked it well enough as a kid, but I think it'd be neat to review it from an adult perspective to watch the characters grow and change.

Great work <:
phlavours's avatar
What a unique and nice comic nvn/
De-D3vil's avatar
I am so going to rewatch the whole series... :3
cakesupermud's avatar
Very nice. Its been so long since I've seen the show that I forgot how it all started.
Amazing. A very sweet piece ^ ^
psychonator17's avatar
I miss this show...
HeadSmashScrafty's avatar
Is this canon? Because if it is, I may watch it. I've only seen the odd episode here and there...
yassui's avatar
The Robin one is pretty much a screenshot redraw. The others are my imagination on where they were when they saw the bright green light. Starfire falling out of the sky is canon though and they all met because of her.
HeadSmashScrafty's avatar
Ahhhh, I see. Thank you!
Gotztt's avatar
The Robin one yes
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