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The Door

Some doors cannot be opened...

:giggle: Something very simple, but I must to confess that I liked a lot :XD:

Dedicated to: *cocoaspen and =sikahster (the door can see into your soul xDDD):heart:


-Forest : ~UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
-Door: ~Liddell-Stock
-Key: =Falln-Stock
-Crow: *Shoofly-Stock
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May I use this photo for a book cover? I doubt it'll get published, but if I does, I'll contact you about the info. Please email me. and tell me what you think.

It's beautiful by the way. Great job.
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Hi, I'm sorry but I'm not longer a DA user, if you need something just write me an email
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What's the bleeding tree thing?
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There's nobody home! :omgomg::scared: 
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wow great work, I really like the shadow of the door look so real
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Yasni, una pregunta. Estoy buscando este mismo bosque, compré el pack que enlazaste en los creditos, pero ninguno de los que vienen es este. me fijé bien por si lo habias recortado, pero no creo que sean las mismas. Puedes indicarme cual es? Me interesa para hacer un trabajo grafico
Yasny-chan's avatar
Hola! no tienes que comprar nada, es gratis (si vas a vender tu trabajo y usas esto es mejor que le preguntes a la chica) en fin... te dejo el link :D

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Love this & have featured it: [link]
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you're welcome!
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Okay, I know someone's gonna be mad at me for this, but... "The door is everything, all that once was and all that will be! The door controls time and space! Love and Death! The door can see into your mind! The door can see into your SOUL!!!"
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hahahahaha omg! :iconsneakywalkplz:

love it!! starfish LOVES YOU!! xD
Britus-Kurosaki's avatar
I had to, I saw the title, and went into full-on comment troll. :icontrollolololplz:
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very nice idea. I used your work with my music. thx

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amazing work hun :clap: , i loved :heart: :D
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I love this concept! :clap:
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all your album increadible
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