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November 26, 2017
BOTW LINK by inermonster features a dynamic angle that adds movement and action to this beautiful protrait
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Breath Of The Wild - Link


I wanted to paint something from Breath of the wild, the new game from the zelda series ! I'm loving the new design and this is what i imagined he would look like fighting :P
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Im really im love with whats going on with the textures the hair is really well made and the gloves look like worn leather. Really well done!
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Amazing! Love his face and the shade of blue you used for his tunic.
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OMG amaaazing😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😱😱
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This is amazing!nice artwork!
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Dear inermonster   , 
My name is Anna and I’m the founder of - an Art Blog for artists! 
In it, we have a lot of tutorials, reviews, interviews and inspirations. 
Currently, I’m working on a blog post “Zelda Fan Art” where I’m planning to collect art from a variety of artists :) 
And I really love your take on such a popular show! 
I was wondering if you would allow me to include your work in it as well :) 
Can’t wait to hear back from you, 
- Anna. 
P.S. We have done 2 of them in the past, "Harry Potter Fan Art"… and "Stranger Things Fan Art"… in case you would like to see what the post will look like :)
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Don't hide my comment. This is art theft. If you won't delete this I'm gonna report you.
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Says the dude who's obviously sakimicha's patron and learned from her style and tutorials lol Your lack of self awareness is amazing. And report for what? You clearly don't know what art theft is if you think this is it. The face was at most referenced from sakimichan's Link, it was not copy/pasted, traced or whatever. Go mind your own art path and focus on improving your own stuff. Yeesh.
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Agreed. He/She already has their skills to paint and render, so why not paint their own head 🤔
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The face you gave looked like a copy n paste of Sakimichan's Link portrait.
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this is fucking amazing I'd die for it 
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the face looks similar to   Link by sakimichan
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Gorgeous. I can tell how much love and effort went into this.

A well-earned DD indeed. Congratulations~!
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Awesome job with it!

And congrats on the DD!
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Link is the boss here!
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So beautiful and epic!
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Looks awesome! :D
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Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  Enjoy the limelight. :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
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This is amazing <3
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