Life of a Singularity
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By Yashima mishto - Solo exhibiton.

Erotic photography.



Throughout most of our lives, many of us are plagued with this discomfort of not “fitting in.” To deal with this discomfort, most of us quickly learn how to emphasize aspects of ourselves that others find acceptable and hide the parts that are too weird to expose. We learn how to adapt, how to construct a mask that keeps us hidden and therefore, safe.

“Life of a Singularity” is a metaphor of each of us. The story of human beings, of separate singularities who try to conceal the differences that divide us, to conform, to become normal, or simply to be.

Life of a singularity is my story. Naked bodies the words I used to tell it.




Box32, Boxhagenerstr. 33, 10245 Berlin.

March 29th – April 6th 2014.

Vernissage March 29th 2014 (7 – 11 pm) with Jule Pasolini (pole dance performance), Fernando Poo (electronic dj set), Gabriella Fiore (video installation) and several models of the recently released book “Life of a Singularity” by Yashima Mishto.


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