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We're All Together

Can't find a better Title.

Oh there's me in this pic.
Steel F.: "Come on you need appear in this pic!"
Sketvhy M.:"Noo...I'm not belong here, this is for Lovey!"
Steel F.:"'re the creator OC you can do everything you want"

Takes about 1 week to make this.
Also now you can download the SVG here:…
in case if you want to set your own resolution for wallpaper or remove somepony in pic!

Sorry if there a few mistake or I forgotten you, this my first time make a giant group picture like this! XD

(left to right-behind to front)OC of:

:iconaureliacharmcutiees: (Aurelia Charm)

:iconyourmastersatan: (Ember)
:icondeslove01: (Rainbow)
:iconirisprismmlp: (Iris Prism)
:iconimelodyrsb: (Melody Artist)
:iconisacc20: (Cadent Light)
:iconpinkcandymlp: (Pink Candy)
:iconflutterbunnies: (May Flower)
:icontoujika: (Diamond Gem)
:iconsketchymaster: (Me)
:iconlatvianmaster: (Steel Feather)
:iconvluxx: (Silent Song)
:iconpinkyshy101: (Bubblegum)
:iconlil-lovey: (Li'l Lovey)
:icontwittershy: (Shyfly)
:iconcinnajen: (Cinnajen)
:iconthe-sonic-x: (Ashton Origans)
:iconnovy-dovy: (Novine Dazzle)
:icontiffanykip: (Tiffany with Temmy)

MLP (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Vector/Art (c) Me
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© 2016 - 2022 Yaruwashi
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Names starwarsfannick.
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Ok. Hi starwarsfannick I'm sketchymaster (not master actually)
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It's ok, I happen to know two the ponys in that photo.
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You mean you know li'l lovey and shyfly?
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Wow! This is amazing, nothing to say really.
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OMIGOSH! This is so cute and adorable! /)^3^(\
I just want to huggle all of these ponies! :D

Lovey being all small in the middle is adorable! ;w;

And absolutely how you put SketchyMaster hiding the bush in there! XD

Thank you so very much! :huggle:
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Well, I don't have ideas what to say. So just you're welcome!
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If i were in this..... :XD:
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Maybe I will make another for 200 watcher special! 
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ahh this is sooooooooo cute :D
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ikr! thanks btw
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lol that's exactly the first thing I thought XD
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