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Railroad Crossing

By Yaruwashi
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Finally it's done after 3 days of drawing!
Well, this not photo but I trace it from this: c8.alamy.com/comp/A5TECM/us-ar…

Because hard to draw grass, there's something bit different from pic.

Program used:
Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CS6 (for HDR and Image adjustment)

Reason why I make this: Just for fun and Practicing. 

Okay, hope you like it!
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Photo or not,this looks really good! Clap 
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One reason I like this crossing, not just because of the signals and gates, but I also like the 7" gate lights. This must be one of BNSF's (formerly ATSF's) crossings (maybe, I don't know but ATSF was known for using these at a lot of their crossings. I know other railroads use them too.)

7" gate lights are hard to find anymore, at least that's the impression I'm under.

This crossing in Wickenburg, Arizona had 7" lights but now has the smaller 4" lights www.rxrsignals.com/Arizona/Wic…
This crossing in Hanford, California once had a gate with one 7" light and the other two 4" lights. www.rxrsignals.com/California/…

If you knew about gate lights already, never mind. It was just something I'd share with you. But I like this picture because it's a railroad crossing picture and it's a crossing with red-light signals and gates.
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I thought that was a real photo, didn't really look at it until after I commented. And some part of me may have thought you were a rail-fan (that's what I am,) you know what a rail-fan is right?

I was so, (what's the word I'm looking for: Rash? Impulsive? (maybe not that) Presumptuous? I was something. Maybe misjudging. Not thinking. There's a word I think I'm looking for but I cannot think of it if it even exist and if I didn't use it already)

But I assumed by your picture this you liked railroad crossings but now I know I'm thinking it's not your interest, this was just something random you did. And I think I did look at a few of your other pictures. 

So if you want to, disregard much of what I said in my initial message and I'm sorry I misjudged you, that wasn't cool of me to do. Blush 

On a much more positive note that really is a good picture, terriffic and excellent, it looks like a real photo and that's something I could never do! And you did a really good job capturing all the details, including the lights on the crossing gates themselves (something not everybody does or not always done.)

I'm gonna stop and leave now before I say or do something stupid and embarrassing. Good day, sport! 
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You're DEFINITELY better at drawing than me :clap:
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I like it. I swear I have the same truck just brown instead of white ;) (Wink) 
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Really? Thanks!
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You are welcome :D (Big Grin) 
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wow i like landscape.nice job Thumbs Up 
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Really Real!
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