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Kattev by YarroweyBoi



This is a small fun challenge for you to participate in. Maybe you already have one, wanted to get on or never heard of them?
In any way, transmogs are fun part of group and in this event you have chance to try them on and possibly win one.

The main idea?
Using any colderrian mount you have to simulate transmog's effect on it. Is mist one? Try to get your horse all steamed up. Grass? There is no easier thing than hanging wines on them. Flames? SET IT ON FIRE 
Anyways... There are no boundaries to your imagination, it just has to be explainable! 
You can use your magic but it would be much preferred to come up with some creative way to make it in natural way.

Reference sheet - Transmogs

Once you sign up you will be given three transmogs to work with. That's right! They will be randomly selected to make it more interesting.


Color by YarroweyBoi

How to participate?

  1. Comment under this journal saying that you wish to participate (you can also link your rider and mount - ONLY registered mounts!)
  2. Wait for one of the admins to respond to you giving you three random transmogs
  3. You have to choose one of them (no need to comment back)
  4. Fun part, do the art!
When finished please comment back under this journal and state which transmog you used!

In it for?

Well fun of course!
besides that:

Everyone will get +1 level for their mount
Winner will receive the transmog they drew and their mount will be leveled up to the level need to use said transmog.


Picture must be your own, tracing is alright.
Only open for Colderra mounts but for all of them.
At least simple background, no blurred photos.
Your rider/handler must be visible.

It must be in some way clear that it is not the actual transmog, but it can be just a detail, maybe wire or stuff you used to do it lying around?
Just drawing it like normal transmog and explaining it like 'magic' is not allowed. I wanna see some creativity!


I am a dummy! JUDGED!I am a dummy! 

So basically, I have to say all of the entries were too amazing and I could not help myself but feel bad for only picking one! Since I had to I wanted to at least make personal comment on each and thank everyone who entered! So thank you, you are the best! :3

Eye of a Storm by ArcticNomad by :iconarcticnomad:
Why I picked this? Simple: It was exactly what I hope for! 
Let's see: the transmog is amazingly portrayed yet still visibly only dressed up! Handler (and terrified owner) are visible and amazingly drawn! And it's so funny! .D just love this in so many ways! 

Congratulations to you!
+ enough levels to use the lvl.1 transmog
+ 1x Eye of the Storm transmog!
I hope this will make up for the mane and tail loss in some way xD


[Challenge] Transmog fun by SpiritWindcaper by :iconspiritwindcaper:
This also was just perfect! So funny and heartwarming too, love your style! 
You improved in drawing humans a lot, btw :3 This one really is amazing, such cute and lovable style! Keep it up, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of this adorable duo!
Thank you so much for participating!

I've got my MANE, you've got YOUR powers by prte1 by :iconprte1:
Poor horse xD Carol should maybe keep her fire powers away from flammable manes next time?
But the horror is amazingly portrayed here and it made me laugh a lot .D and I felt guilty but couldn't help it any ways! Great entry! I hope the horse survived xD
Thank you so much for participating!

<da:thumb id="740894221"/> by :iconarcacat:
I love this alot, the setting, the colors and the fact you used cat for this! :3
What's more, the story made me laugh a lot! And the lights idea was just genius! .D (even though Sansa might think otherwise... but what does she know? xD)
Thank you so much for participating!

Meadow faeries by vikula11 by :iconvikula11:
I love this for how simple and tender it seems yet a lot of things are hidden there in details! 
Also love your art style and huge respect for such clean piece in traditional! I'm super happy to see that and can't wait so see more :3 also your humans are simply amazing!
Thanks so much for participating!

Masquerade by Irsibilby :iconirsibil:
What even to say? .D your traditional art is so amazing, so detailed, so stunning!
You have my biggest respect for drawing all that flowers and green! Also I'm so happy to see you participating with bear instead of horse! :3 + Isidora is looking as good as always!
Thank you so much for participating!

Not exactly cleaning a horse by vrania by :iconvrania:
To be honest? This took my breath away! It's hard to see from thumbnail but as I viewed it I just... I couldn't breath!
It's so cool and so pretty, detailed and everything looks so fitting in! Love the landscape, light, horse, setting, people and the story! Truly amazing, one of the candidates for victory!
Thank you so much for participating!

Almost-stone by EsaArts by :iconesaarts:
So pretty and so calm again! I love how the horse is just letting her do it, helping her even by sitting down!
What's more she seems so interested by the paint on her nose which honestly is the cutest :3 and your humans are spectacular + the light, building and light... truly amazing!
Thank you so much for participating!

Nice and gooey.... and glowy... by TalonV by 
SO SO SO SO COOL DUDE! I must say this was probably my favourite one in the badass/effect factor, just damn!
I love this so much, the atmosphere, the fact you used different animal than horse and just your style, it's so breathtaking! Another one of my favourites :3
Thank you so much for participating!

Colderran Dress-up by Tehutiy by :icontehutiy:
I love the fact that you used the Diebel's Wound as no one else did you those riskant ones!
Also amazing ambitious pose of the horse and pretty color you have there! .D I can't actually see what exactly is it supposed to be but the red dots that are also attached to the horse (great!) are pretty!
Thank you so much for participating!

Contest/Mini-Event: The Patience by Samantha-dragon by :iconsamantha-dragon:
OMG that is the most detailed one of all I think! Incredible amount of details!
Amazing, so amazing! I love the traditional art aspect, your style and just... damn! It's stunning, just stunning! Another one of my biggest favourites! :3 Also your anatomy is  top!

*Transmog challenge* EVENT by Efirende by :iconefirende:
Oh yes, gecko and fire king in the game! Yes, love this!
I really like the whole atmosphere and the fact you did not use horse for this! Also the rendering and both anatomies are great, love this pic a lot :3 glad you did make it!
Thank you so much for participating!

Obojzivelnisek :3 by Carrilie by :iconcarrilie:
I am a little afraid that you did not understand the rules... or so but the horse does not look like he is in costume which certainly took some points away from you :c
I still decided to let you get the levels as you work is stunning, love the colors and it's clear it took a lot of effort! I also like the design of the horse (even though it's made as if he has the transmog) :3
Thank you so much for participating!
I sadly can not let you fight for the win as there are some mild rules violations but you still get your +1.lvl for any horse!


As I feel terribly sorry for the fact that I had to pick only one and quilty I did not pick so many nice ones, I decided to also make one "community favourite place" which will be the same as winner!

All of the pictures of those who participated (excluding winner and the one out of judging) will be placed in pool! As there are so many of them I will make two pools, then after a roughly two days took the top two from each pool and make one final to decide for the second winner!

So stay tuned for that, the second winner will be announced in about four days!
Everyone who did not win gets +1 lvl. for any of their mounts!

I truly hope you liked this! :heart: Thank you once again for participating and have a nice day!

Nice and gooey.... and glowy... by TalonV
as chosen by the pool! Congratulations indeed! :3

Congratulations to you!
+ enough levels to use the lvl.1 transmog
+ 1x Eye of the Storm transmog!

© 2018 - 2021 YarroweyBoi
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Samantha-dragon's avatar
aaaah, ták těsně, sakra! :D Takhle budu muset levelit, achjo :D
nic méně díky za pěknou příležitost a organizaci eventu. Vítězům samozřejmě gratuluji! ^^
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Tesne, no :D
Neni zac :3 jsem moc rada ze se libilo :3
TalonV's avatar
EEEEEEEE! I just about fell over!!! I can't even!!!! Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!!!! 

And thank you for such an amazing event!!! This is the most fun group I have ever had the honor to be a part of, thank you! Keep up the good work! :la: 
YarroweyBoi's avatar
The pool has decided! :D and honestly, I completely agree with it! :D

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :333 and that you think that!
TalonV's avatar
Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! :la:
Tehutiy's avatar
No, mate, you did an awesome job there; totally deserve it ^^
vrania's avatar
Congratulations to both winners! La la la la 
Thank you for such amazing event :happybounce: 
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Thank you for participating and I'm so happy you liked it :33
EsaArts's avatar
Congratulate the winnersClap ! Thank you very much for the interesting event!La la la la :happybounce: Heart 
YarroweyBoi's avatar
:D thank you so much for participating!
Carrilie's avatar
Achjo, jsem to trochu špatně pochopila :c. Myslela jsem že má mít ten transmog a ne kostým transmogu, no co už... 😥 Ale i tak děkuji za ty lvly :D
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Nojo, stane se :D je mi to líto i za tebe ale zase chápeš ne? c: není to až tak strašný snad pro tebe a doufám že jsi si užila to kreslení? c:
Carrilie's avatar
To víš, že užila :D Těším se na další challenge a eventíky :D máte už něco v plánu? xD
YarroweyBoi's avatar
tak super :D no, nic přesně ale určitě se plánuje něco udělat :D
ArcticNomad's avatar
Aaaaaa all these amazing entries and mine won!? Thank you! La la la la
Now the poor owner has to listen the ''I told you it was a good idea'' probably for the rest of his life though xD

How can I use the transmog btw? Can I just start to draw the horse with a new look right away? :D
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Yes! :D Congratulations once again! :D 
xDDD even better!

Well, you should probably update the reference of said mount with the transmog and then yes, start using it :D also remember that if you's want to you the level 2 stage you will need to defeat the knight c:
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
Congratulations to the winner! :la:
Also, thank you for the nice words, it was so fun to draw! :la:

Btw, can I ask - can my rider get some levels for this? 
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Aww, I'm glad you had fun :33 

Actually I'm not sure about this, maybe try asking Brissinge? :D as she made all the leveling up systems c:
SpiritWindcaper's avatar
Tehutiy's avatar
Congrats, ArticNomad

Had a lot o fun with Diabel's actually, and the glowing points are actually incense sticks woven into her mane to create the smoke ^^ (Totally didn't draw inspiration from blackbeard with his fuses)
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Oh, that's amazing :D so well thought through! :3 and I'm happy to hear you had fun!
prte1's avatar
 Congratz to winner :la:
yep, don't worry, Hymn with his friend wanna make small revenge :D :D :D So Carol will little bit pay xDDD and don't worry, Carol will feel only little bit.. stupid..?...
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