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I don't trust people who are happy in the morning by Yarrix I don't trust people who are happy in the morning :iconyarrix:Yarrix 3 4 Why a meme? by Yarrix Why a meme? :iconyarrix:Yarrix 8 9 (Fanart) Album Cover HWSQ+4 by Yarrix (Fanart) Album Cover HWSQ+4 :iconyarrix:Yarrix 2 0
Chapter 12: Ice cream for girls, pizza for boys
A New World, A New Journey Chapter 12
Title: Ice cream for girls, pizza for boys.
First of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS (or whatever other holidays you maybe have) EVERYONE!
Secondly: Sorry for the long wait for this new chapter and thanks for everyone who still reads and enjoys my story. I really had to kick myself to finish this chapter and I hope you will enjoy it.
It has been three days since the defeat of Team Rocket's Mega-Mega-Meowth and my little outburst. Ash and the gang leaved that same evening to continue their journey. They thanked Calem for his help and wished him good luck in his gym battle. Calem was staying with Professor Sycamore, who offered us a guest room to stay.
I did not much in these 3 days. I just woke up, eat my breakfast and then climbed one of the trees in the garden of the lab and thought about my old life, home and family. "Have they noticed I'm gone? Are they worried about me?
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My Leg! by Yarrix My Leg! :iconyarrix:Yarrix 12 10
Chapter 11 T'R'ouble at the Lab
Hello everyone! I firstly want to apology for the long time this chapter took for me to finish. I really hope you will enjoy this one and tell me what you think about it. I also want to thank everyone for their patience and all the Reviews. It really motivates me when I read how you like the story or what could be better. (Except for grammatical errors. That will never change.)
I also want to thank "Elite Shade" for his help during this chapter. You should check out his stories as well.
A New World, A New Journey
Chapter 11 T'R'ouble at the Lab
As we came closer to the group of Pokemon (a Helioptile, an Combee, a Psyduck and a Marill with a pair of Azurill by her side) I could see a few other Pokemon running around or napping in the sun a bit further away.
"HEY GUYS!" Yelled Kitsune and stopped before the group. They looked to us and smiled friendly. As they saw Kitsune, their smile
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Silver Fang by Yarrix Silver Fang :iconyarrix:Yarrix 8 0 Froschock by Yarrix Froschock :iconyarrix:Yarrix 3 0 Dolti by Yarrix Dolti :iconyarrix:Yarrix 3 0 Florenta by Yarrix Florenta :iconyarrix:Yarrix 1 0 ANW, ANJ: Calem's team by Yarrix ANW, ANJ: Calem's team :iconyarrix:Yarrix 17 5
Chapter 10 Meet the Professor
Chapter 10 Meet the Professor
We made our way to the counter of the Pokemon center and Calem handed the Pokeballs and me to Nurse Joy.
“We will get your Pokemon back to health in no time.” She said and put us on a stretcher which was wheeled by a Chansey. Since I was still outside of my Pokeball, I could take a look around. The walls here at the top half red and the other half white. The Pokeball design seems really popular.” I thought to myself.
We were wheeled in a room with an examination table. The Chansey put the Pokeballs on the table and turned to me. I waved my hand and said: “I’m still good enough to move on my own. Thanks.”
The Chansey smiled and said: “Sorry, but it’s a rule that I move all Pokemon to make sure they don't get hurt further.” With that, she lifted me from under my armpits and moved me to the table. I frowned at her but she just giggled.
“Oh, don’t
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A New World, A New Journey Chapter 9
Chapter 9 New Friend, New Rival, New Move
A New World, A New Journey
Adrienne and her Pokemon are under OC contract by Spyder Rider. Thanks for helping me with this chapter and borrowing them to me. You should check out his stories on as well.
Argons POV
Right after the introduction between Calem and Adrienne, they decided on a three on three match. The one who wins two of three wins the match.
So far, Thumper lost against her shiny Phantump named Peppermint and Kitsune seems to win the battle against the shiny Tailow named Ace. And here it is.
"Kitsune! Flamethrower!" called Calem and Kitsune hit Ace with the Flamethrower, knocking him out.
"Well, that's one to one now. The next battle decides." said Adrienne after making sure Ace was ok. She doesn't seem to mind the lose and was rather excited for the final Battle.
Calem had a smile himself on his face as he took my Pokeball in his hand. "Alright then. Here
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A New World, A New Journey Chapter 8
A New World, A New Journey
Chapter 8
"*Sigh* Alright. Here is where I really come from and what really happened to me..."
*I'm too lazy to write a whole explanation. Just read Chapter 1 again.*
"And that's how I got here. You know the rest, Kitsune." I said and finished my explanation.
Kitsune and Thumper just stared at me with open mouth and shocked expressions. I decided to grab a bit of the food in front of me and wait for them to recover.
Thumper was the first to speak again: "Wow... that is... I mean, I heard of delusions. But that!?"
Kitsune was still staring at me, probably didn't know what to think right now.
Thumper meanwhile got over to me and pats me on my back with one of his ears while saying: "Don't worry, buddy. We will help you to remember your Pokemon self."
"Does he really thinks I just forgot that I was a Pokemon?" I thought.
"Is that why you run from the nurse and didn't know how to
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Magnificient Piece by Yarrix Magnificient Piece :iconyarrix:Yarrix 1 2
A New World, A New Journey Chapter 7
Chapter 7
"It was maybe a mistake to accept a second round to battle." I thought as I landed with a *bumm* on the ground after I was thrown in the air by Vivillon's gust attack.
"Au..." I said as I got back up in a fighting stance. So far, I didn't even landed one hit. "Stupid flying bug..."
"Your Pokemon has certainly determination I give him that." said Viola. "But it can only bring him so far. Vivillon! Stun Spore!"
"Got it!" said Vivillon and flew over the field and released the yellow powder.
"Not a chance to escape this. Maybe Calem has an idea?" I thought and looked to my trainer.
"... nope. He looked as clueless as me. Damn it." I thought.
The Spores hit me and I felt like little electric bolts shoot through my body. It doesn't really hurt but it was extremely uncomfortable. I tried to move, but my muscles wouldn't react.
"Use Tackle repeatedly!" said Viola.
Vivillon flew straight at me a
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