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iPhone style - MUSIC SERIES

By YaroManzarek
G E N R E S & C O V E R S

➜ Classic Metal: Black Sabbath - "Vol. 4"
➜ Classic Rock: The Doors - "The Doors"
➜ Hard Rock: Deep Purple - "Made in Japan"
➜ Heavy Metal: Manowar - "The Triumph of Steel"
➜ Hip-Hop: 50 Cent - "Get rich or die tryin'"
➜ Pop: Belanova - "Fantasía Pop"
➜ Power Metal: Helloween - "Keeper of the Seven Keys"
➜ Rock & Roll: The Beatles - "Let it Be"
➜ Symphonic Metal: Rhapsody - "Symphony of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret"
➜ Trash Metal: Metallica - "Ride the Lightning"


➜ 11 PNGs (10 genres & 1 single) - 3.03 MB
➜ Preview - 259 KB
➜ Template PSD - 2.82 MB

Missing your favorite genre? Make it ;) all you need is:

➜ The cover (400 x 400 px, obligatory)
➜ Any Photoshop installed
➜ The template (included)
➜ Some time

Good luck and hope you like it :)
© 2009 - 2021 YaroManzarek
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Wowwowart's avatar
Thank you so much for this - I've loved playing and making great looking icons thanks to your wonderful template - you've made it so easy for me. Thank you 👍😊🤗
This is lovely. I'm using this for an update to a website I maintain for someone; will credit you in site info and drop you a line when it's done.  My guy I'm going the site for loves this a LOT.
ThatKooKooGuy's avatar
Is there any way you'll make more genres? like Jazz or sub-genres of Jazz? R&B maybe?

pretty plssss :-)
YaroManzarek's avatar
There's a template included, just add the cover you want :)
BlueEyesMemzx's avatar
Oh,they look awesome!
Thanks heaps! quite helpful.
submicron's avatar
I think this is great icon but the only thing I don't like is the music note. It would've treated differently. Of course, this is my professional opinion.
YaroManzarek's avatar
The note is horrible. That's because I made it customizable ;)
submicron's avatar
I see. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
adni18's avatar
Excellent work! :)
It's not just an awesome icon design, but your music taste is more awesome!! The Beatles, The Doors and Black Sabbath!!! Wow!
zuhtu79's avatar
one of the best music icons!!!
ZQW-munmun's avatar
nice icon!!!^^
thx for it!^^
jasmin986's avatar
The edges are not smooth.
YaroManzarek's avatar
It's a very low pixelation. Invisible when the icon is in use.

Try it ;)
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