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...and I'll show you mine. ;)

I got this idea from Magical525, who got it from Lintu47.

It works like this:

In the comments, post a thumb or link of YOUR famourite deviation from YOUR gallery. No explanation is needed, and there's no request or requirement that you post your own journal like this, though you're welcome to, of course. =)

In response, I'll look through your gallery and post a thumb or link of MY favourite deviation of yours.

If you feel like doing the same over at either Magical525's or Lintu47's, it might be fun to see whether any of us choose the same as our favourite of yours. =)

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A little late buuuuut: This one!
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This was not an easy choice! You have many wonderful and beautiful things in your gallery. =)

But I have to say that this one of the Grand Canyon with a full moon is my favourite, though I nearly picked the Aircraft Carrier of Insects, or one of the big cats (Only this rock understands me...). =)

Full Moon by yurizemira
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I'm glad you joined :la:
Here's mine Green gaze by lintu47 :)
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I'm glad, too. :)

So teeny!Yawn by lintu47
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Aww, thank you :heart:
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This was a tough choice! I mean... Beer Ghost! But:

The Tardis bag by Magical525
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err yeah.. beerghost made it a wee bit unfair for you ;)

Going to be making a second version of that this year - for my bf :) but then with less covers as he already has covers for all his tech :)
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Some day I'll make myself a bag like that. It has to hold my knitting (I usually travel with a socks project), my tablet, my ipod, my small purse (which already holds my phone), travel needs (passport, itinerary, etc.), cables/chargers, glasses, and personals. I always have a clean pair of underwear and my toothbrush/deodorant in my carryon, after several personal experiences with being tied over in a hotel or in the airport without my luggage, due to missed or cancelled flights. =)

It really is the perfect travel bag. It's awesome. =) And some day I'll actually get around to making one.
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You carry a lot more than I do then :) Though admittedly this bag is the second carry on bag and the first one usually has my clothes in it so I would always have a change if necessary :)

Thank you! I hope you do as it's so handy :)
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Okay, see, I love a LOT of the stuff in your gallery, but I absolutely have to agree with you, on this one. =)
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