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UPDATE 30 January, 2014: Closing this journal up, and starting one for 2014. I've finished the 12th item on my list of 12 for 2013 - the Captain America afghan is finished! I hope to have pictures up, soon. Anything from this post that isn't completed will get moved over to the 2014 post, though some of them may get marked as 'in hibernation'.

UPDATE 03 December, 2013: Added some more things to the list of "Other Stuff I've Made This Year". Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my better half, Saldemonium!!!!

UPDATE 19 November, 2013: Moved my Spooky Socks to the 12 Months list, replacing the Cthulhu Babies which have sort of been put in the On Hold pile. I also linked to the posted pictures of the Spooky Socks, and added a few new things to my list of "Other Stuff I've Made This Year", including a Captain America hoodie that was supposed to be my NaKniSweMo project (the knitter's companion to NaNoWriMo). I don't know that I'll get it done, but I'm working on it. =)

UPDATE October 13, 2013: My Spooky Socks are done! I'm even part way through my next pair of socks (Adobe, gorgeous Mille Colori  yarn that was a birthday gift) and Spooky Socks for Saldemonium. I'll get some pictures posted one of these days, I will. Honest. No, for real. =)

UPDATE September 22, 2013: I've completed the Captain America socks! I have pictures, even - I just haven't posted them, yet. =) That leaves me with only two projects on the list not yet completed, and they're both in progress. Since I've been working on a handful of other things, I've decided to add a list of other stuff I've completed in addition to my 12 months of knitting projects. =) That'll be at the bottom, below the initial list. Pictures for the Cap socks coming soon!

UPDATE August 20, 2013: A few of the items on this list have been hibernating and aren't likely going to be finished before the year is out, so I've replaced them with projects that will be (or already are) finished, and I've added a link for Project 7. I have 8 of 12 completed, and the other 4 are in progress. The Captain America socks for me, project 4, are half done - I have one completed sock. =) The second set of Iron Man socks for Saldemonium are nearly finished. The afghan - I'm almost finished with the white concentric ring, and have only the red, outermost ring to go. I'm utterly thrilled with the way it's working up. Yay! And the Cthulhu babies are in progress, but this afghan grabbed me by the crochet ears and wouldn't let go, so it'll likely be finished first. Why did I decide to crochet an afghan in the middle of the summer? Why?

So, Saldemonium is going to attempt the 50 books challenge, this year, and while I know I'll never get 50 books read (I spend too much time knitting), I thought I might try a little challenge of my own - 12 knitting projects, approximately one per month, for the year 2013.

The first project is actually finished, but then, basic socks don't take a full month to make. So project #1 should be posted shortly. I'll add them to the list below as they're finished and posted.

Any of the other knitters/crocheters/yarnworkers/cross-stitchers out there interested in joining the challenge? =)

UPDATE May 24 2013: I've added the last few items on my list, and updated the status of some of the ones that were already on there. Progress continues apace. =)

UPDATE June 20 2013: I've completed (and added a link to) the Iron Man Socks (project #2), and changed project #12 from Mille Colori socks to Earthtone socks, as that yarn became the next favourite for Sal. =) Slippers pictures coming soon!

:bulletgreen: Project 1: Comfy Socks for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Project 2: Iron Man Socks for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Project 3: Captain America's Shield afghan for ME! =)
:bulletgreen: Project 4: Captain America socks for me
:bulletgreen: Project 5: More Iron Man Socks for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Project 6: Amigurumi Cthulhu (crocheting counts!) for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Project 7: Puppy Hat and Diaper Cover (more crocheting!) for Saldemonium's co-worker's new baby.
:bulletgreen: Project 8: Amigurumi Cthulhu for Tyler.
:bulletgreen: Project 9: Spooky Hallowe'en socks for me
:bulletgreen: Project 10: Iron Man slippers for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Project 11: Captain America slippers for me!
:bulletgreen: Project 12: Grey Brown Marl (Earthtone) Socks for Saldemonium

:bulletgreen: Hat and Nappy Cover #2: Ladybug
:bulletgreen: Hat and Nappy Cover #3: Giraffe
:bulletgreen: Hat and Nappy Cover #4: Jack-o-Lantern
:bulletgreen: Hat and Nappy Cover #5: Bunny
:bulletyellow: Hat and Nappy Cover #6: Kitty
:bulletyellow: Hat and Nappy Cover #7: Pumpkin
:bulletyellow: Amigurumi Cthulhu babies for Shelby.
:bulletgreen: Bodacious Booties Slippers for my son
:bulletyellow: Purple socks for me - one done
:bulletyellow: Adobe socks for me - one done
:bulletyellow: Gumball socks for me - one done
:bulletgreen: Spooky Hallowe'en socks for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Iron Man wrist warmers for Saldemonium
:bulletyellow: Captain America hoodie for Saldemonium - on the needles
:bulletyellow: Poncho for Saldemonium - on the needles
:bulletyellow: Infinity Scarf for Saldemonium - on the needles
:bulletgreen: Captain America wrist warmers and 'boots' (leg warmers) in plain red, as part of my Hallowe'en costume
:bulletgreen: Easy Baby Cardigan and matching Jester Hat for a co-worker
:bulletgreen: Conan Quote cross-stitch for my mother-in-heart.
:bulletgreen: Cozy fleece sweater for Saldemonium
:bulletgreen: Green and Brown socks for my nephew - one of the pair was done in time for Christmas, they're both done now.
:bulletgreen: Bodacious Bootie slippers in Charisma Lakeside for iamtysha
:bulletgreen: Bodacious Bootie slippers in Charisma Lakeside for Saldemonium

:bulletgreen: = Done!    :bulletyellow: = on the needles    :bulletred: = not yet started

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yurizemira's avatar
Ooooh, I definitely want to see pictures of the Cthulhus! Those will be adorable, I'm sure. :D
yarngirl's avatar
They're so cute! The standard Cthulhu amigurumi that I've made have arms and legs, and longer tentacles. These little guys are short and squat, have shorter tentacles, and only arms, no legs - they're kinda chibi-ish. Chibi-thulhus. Hee. =) The patterns are from cthulhucrochet.blogspot.ca.

OMG WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE CAP SHIELD BLANKET! Okay, maybe you're not a rabid Avengers fangirl like I am (let's be honest, I'm a rabid Steve/Tony fangirl), but this afghan! *flail* The one that inspired it, the star was sewn on after the fact. I figured out how to work it all in as one piece, instead of sewing it on afterwards, and I'm so happy with how it's coming out!

Ahem, sorry. Like I said... rabid fangirl. =)

How are you? :hug:
yurizemira's avatar
Aaaaah, so cute! Please get some pictures once you have a few done! :heart:

:eager: I'm not an Avengers fan quite as much as you but I want to see it nonetheless! I'm an afghan fan, we'll put it that way! :giggle: I want to see that one too! :iconexcitedbounce-plz:

No need to be sorry! I always look forward to seeing your projects, even if I'm not fangirling as hard as you. ;)

Doing wonderfully, thank you! :D I'm really enjoying my new job. The coworkers are super-wonderful and it's such an open and accepting place to be. Nearly everyone has tattoos and piercings and there are no rules about covering them so I get to admire the designs. More than a few people are gay or bi and there's even someone openly trans working there and everyone is accepted 100% with no awkwardness. I feel really safe there, like I don't have to worry about hiding anything. :D I can be my sarcastic gay self (when my social anxiety isn't crippling me, of course!) if I want.

(And even when I am suffering the panic attacks from social anxiety, they've been super-great about it, allowing me to step back to clear my head a bit and recover and they don't guilt me at all. I've never even HEARD of retail jobs accepting social anxiety sufferers so well before so this is just so great. :happycry:)
KnitLizzy's avatar
I'd love to join in! But I got to ask, does this only count big projects, or any kind of size projects? Cause, if it's all kinds, well then I might finish this in a month or so :P
yarngirl's avatar
Hey, whatever you want to count. And you can always set yourself a higher goal than 12. =)
KnitLizzy's avatar
Ok! I'll get too it! I love these year projects! Got something going here where I knit two squares for three afgan blankets each month for a whole year :P
yarngirl's avatar
KnitLizzy's avatar
Got a journal up now =D got some pretty big goals for myself xD
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