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Tree of Life - Wire Wrapping

This is my second try at wire wrapping a tree of life - the first one was made with really poor-quality wire, and while it looks okay, it's not something I want to post. =)

I was inspired by :devSerenityWireDesigns: and their beautiful Tree of Life pieces, so I went looking for a tutorial, and found this one by CaterpillarArts (at least, I'm pretty sure that CaterpillarArts on and on dA are the same person - if not, please let me know so I can correct this post. Thanks!). It's a great tut, very easy to follow, and while I'm not at all happy with the bail I've attempted, here, I absolutely love how the tree, itself, came out.

The outer circle of black wire is about 1.5" across. It's 20g black-coated copper, and the tree itself is finer than 26g, but it came in a Fiskars wire-wrapping kit, so I don't know the actual gauge. The bead chips are a dollar-store find, so I can't tell you what kind of stone they are. They might well be acrylic.
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Beautiful work, and a thousand times better than the one attempt I ever made (the first and last I will ever try, hahah).  The beads you chose complement the copper beautifully.
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Thank you. =) I'm going to keep trying - hopefully, I'll get better at making the bail at the top, that seems to be eluding me.
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That eluded me for years.  Then someone sent me a link to these amazing little bails which you can make separately and attach to the top.  I'll see if I can find it.  If I can't, I'll just email you the photo of the finished bails in question, and hopefully you can figure them out.  I don't think they included instructions in the first place.  Note me with your email address :)
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Ohhh that looks so beautiful! It reminds Bella and I of a maple tree in autumn :) Very well done!
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That's almost precisely what I was going for - Autumn is my favourite season, and I love the colours of Autumn. The gold wire and red/orange beads were chosen because of that.

Thank you for the compliment! =)
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