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J's Socks - DONE

J's Socks - Now both are done!

The colourway of this yarn is just gorgeous. I love the sneaky rusty gold that shows up every once in a while to break up the blues and greens. And they're soft.

These lovely puppies are knit with Berroco Comfort Sock yarn, 50% super fine acrylic and 50% super fine nylon, on size US2 47" circular needles, using the Magic Loop method.

Here's a link to the first sock, with closeup shots of the heel and toe: [link]
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I so want em haha (: Nice socks C:
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Gorgeous. And you use circulars? I tried using one or two circulars one and two socks at a time and I just must not be coordinated enough. I went back to my bamboo dpns.

It is hard to see on the picture but that doesn't look like a traditional heel flap and Gusset. Confirm or deny? :P
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Thank you. =)

I do use one, long circular, and these were done one at a time, though I've also done two at a time. I've worked with DPNs and two circs, also, and find that one circular is the easiest for me. No ladders. =)

I did not, in fact, do a traditional heel flap with these. The heel is called the Strong Heel, created by Gerdine Crawford-Strong. It's essentially a progression of every-other-row increases (on these I went from 28 stitches on the heel side to 52 stitches) followed by a turn that comes all the way out to meet the end of the "gusset". I like the method quite a lot, as there's no picking up of stitches on either side of a flap.
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I will Have to look up that heel technique. it sounds interesting and I love playing with sock construction. I have to admit my favorite toe/heel when I want to whip out a pair fast though is called Ultimate Diagonal. I don't know who came up with it originally but it came with my Sock Wizard computer program.

As with your heel, you don't have to pick up Gusset stitches. I don't know about you, but picking up and then decreasing is not my favorite thing. I still do it from time to time though when looking for a certain look.

I don't generally have a problem with ladders (though I have to be careful when purling as my purl is a bit looser than my knit) but then I am what I call a "tension knitter". As a result, I generally have to use a needle size one or two up from what is requested to meet the gauge.
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I found a PDF with instructions for the Strong heel done on DPNs here: [link]

I can't vouch for that particular PDF, as I just looked it up online and haven't worked the pattern. My copy is a hardcopy from The Little Box of Socks, Card 13, Roman Rib Socks.

I've heard of the diagonal sock knitting idea. I've seen finished socks worked using that method, though I've never tried it, myself. Might have to go take a look. I think I saw it on Knitty.

I have the opposite problem re: tension. I tend to end up with things that are larger than they should be, because I knit loosely. =)
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Ooh, thank you. I will read over the PDF and see what I make of it. barring that, maybe one of our gal's at the guild will have that card set. I know I have seen it for sale in our local yarn store.

I too have heard of knitting the whole sock sideways, but this is just a fancy name for a type of gusset-less heel and seamless toe. I think it also has another name. I will put the instructions for them into a PDF and post. Aif you you see it, you may at least recognize the technique, if not having seen it executed before.

I will borrow a bit of you tension and you mine. We will even out.

Off the subject, cause my thoughts never stay linear, how does one collect dA stamps. I saw some neat ones on your profile and elsewhere, but don't know much about it.
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I'd love to try a new technique. Thanks! I'll look for the PDF.

Here, have some too-loose knitting. Hee. =) =)

I've found stamps by doing a search on the word, and also by running across them in groups and such that I watch. As far as collecting them, if you have a paid account, you can add a custom widget to your dA home page, and you display the stamps there by adding the thumbnail code (the thumb code for any deviation is displayed on that deviation's page) to that widget.

There are also some stamp templates to be found on dA (again, I think I found mine by doing a search) and you can make your own if you have Paint Shop, Photoshop, gimp, etc. =)
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